Voodoo Fest moves to Halloween weekend

The 11th annual Voodoo Music Experience has announced its 2009 dates to be Oct. 30-Nov. 1. No word on bookings yet, but you Voodoo Fest does have a Twitter feed that you can subscribe to. Once they start booking bands, they will update it on Twitter.

HalfDown Thomas Continues To Record At Rivergate Studios

Cullman, AL-based rock quartet HalfDown Thomas released their album, “Beautifully Strange,” on February 17th, but already the band has been back in Rivergate Studios with 3 Doors Down’s Chris Henderson as producer. The band has two new songs they are recording and tracking, and they are also planning to record a cover of Blackfoot’s “Train Train,” which will be released at some point in the future.

HalfDown Thomas has shared the stage with acts as diverse and influential as Kings of Leon, OutKast, Evanescence, and Fuel, just to name a few. Somewhere between Pearl Jam and Nickleback, between Stone Temple Pilots and Breaking Benjamin, is where you’ll find HalfDown Thomas’ sound. Throw in individual influences as varied as Southern rock and ’80s hair metal, and what shakes out is modern rock alternative with scorching guitar solos, bombastic rhythm work, and attention to lyrical hooks that create an interesting and listener-friendly mix.

Henderson produced “Beautifully Strange,” which was completed at Rivergate Studios (www.rivergatestudios.net) in Hendersonville, TN (after two sessions at his previous Rivergate Studios location in Mississippi were ruined by Hurricane Katrina and a computer glitch). The studio is co-owned and run by Henderson and Bobby Capps of .38 Special. It was formerly known as Hipp Studios and is a full service complex. The studio has just opened a third Pro Tools-equipped studio, a newly-opened separate rehearsal facility, and on-site band lodging, bus parking and bus power have been added to the studios’ roster of offerings very recently.

Already, the studio has hosted a number of musicians and bands including Ken Block (Sister Hazel), Jon Nicholson (Musik Mafia), Todd Harrell (3 Doors Down), Mark Matakia (Lynryd Skynyrd), Halfdown Thomas, Kolo, Benjy Davis Project, David Z (Prince), and editing projects by Donnie Van Zant (.38 Special) and Don Barnes (.38 Special). Other recent or upcoming studio work includes Andrew Hoover, American Devils, The Campaign 1984, Nothing In Return (featuring members of Flaw), Willie Stradlin, Josh Pennington, The Good Side, Tommy Steele, and Neverset.

HalfDown Thomas via Myspace

Luther Dickinson of the Black Crowes at The Shed March 20th

The Shed
The Shed

Luther Dickinson who is the lead guitarist and vocalist for the North Mississippi Allstars as well as lead guitarist for The Black Crowes will be performing at The Shed with New Orleans legendary drummer Johnny Vidacovich. The show is free and open to the public. It starts at 7pm so get there early and be sure to get yo’ self fed at da Shed!

Some info on Luther Dickinson from Wikipedia:

He was born in West Tennessee to Mary Lindsay and Jim Dickinson, a Memphis record producer. Dickinson grew up playing concerts and gaining recording experience with his father and brother, Cody. The family moved to the hills of North Mississippi in 1985. Luther befriended the musical families of Otha Turner, R. L. Burnside, and Junior Kimbrough. They were the inspiration for Luther and Cody to form the North Mississippi Allstars in 1996. The North Mississippi Allstars have been nominated for three Grammies in the Best Contemporary Blues category. Luther produced two records on Otha Turner, “Everybody Hollerin’ Goat” and “From Senegal To Senatobia”.

Luther was recently featured in an issue of Rolling Stone as one of the new guitar gods. He is one of the true blues-rock guitarists continuing the southern style with Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman similarities. He shows influence from Mississippi Fred Mcdowell, Mississippi John Hurt and Furry Lewis on the acoustic guitar. He has recorded with the Replacements, Mojo Nixon, Toy Caldwell, Billy Lee Riley, John Medeski and Robert Randolph [as The Word], John Hiatt, Jon Spencer, Otha Turner, R. L. Burnside and Jim Dickinson.

On November 27th, 2007, it was announced Luther would take on guitarist duties for The Black Crowes. His recording debut with the band was on Warpaint, released in March 2008. Luther is currently on tour with the Crowes and the North Mississippi Allstars.

Take Part In Dickies’ Battle Of The Bands At SXSW

Dickies clothing line is looking for eight of the best unsigned/independent bands in the country to compete in their inaugural Battle of the Bands. This event will be held at SXSW on Friday, March 20 at The Compound from 1- 6p.m. in Austin, TX. Submissions will be accepted via the Dickies Battle of the Bands website or by mail. To qualify to compete for the $10,000 grand prize, submissions must include an entry form, a photo of the band and a 60-second video clip of original material. Runners-up will get Dickies gear. Entries will be subject to review by a panel of celebrity judges in the music industry. Deadline is Feb. 23 at 11:59pm EST. Bands chosen to compete will be announced March 2 on www.dickiesupstart.com.

Hard Rock/Metal Contest – $35,000 In Prizes

Throughout the months of February and March, AirPlay Direct will be running a free to enter “All Things Digital Hard Rock/Heavy Metal” artist contest. The Grand Prize package will include: 12-week European PR / media campaign; 8-week global digital advertising and marketing campaign; international & soundtrack artist promotion campaign; 10 days of studio time, a career consultation, and a publishing and distribution deal; and much more. The Grand Prize Package is valued at over $35,000. The only three requirements to enter are that you must be an AirPlay Direct artist/label member (free to join), your music must fall into the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal genre and you must submit your AirPlay Direct DPK to office@airplaydirect.com prior to the official entry deadline of March 15th. Visit www.Airplaydirect.com for details.

Vote for your favorite band in the 97.9 CPR Rocks 2009 Big Stage Search 6

97.9 CPR Rocks
97.9 CPR Rocks

The band choices have been submitted. Its time for you to head over to the 97.9 CPR website and cast your vote for who plays the prelimaries. On March 1st, the top 18 bands will be released and the order of the competition will be as follows:

● MAR 4 Preliminary 1 (Nates Sports Bar and Grill)
● MAR 12: Preliminary 2 (Guitars and Cadillacs)
● MAR 20: Preliminary 3 (Thunder’s Tavern)
● MAR 28: Preliminary 4 (Nates Sports Bar and Grill)
● APR 2: Preliminary 5 (Guitars and Cadillacs)
● APR 10: Preliminary 6 (Thunder’s Tavern)

● APR 16: Winners from Preliminary 1-3 at Crawfish Festival
● APR 23: Winners from Preliminary 4-6 at Crawfish Festival
● MAY 1: Crawfish Festival Winners on Hour Long Pick It or Flick It

So go exercise your right to vote. Vote once a day for your favorite band.

MTV Documentary! Can’t leave boyfriend/girlfriend

Just something for those who may be interested:

TRUE LIFE: I Can’t Leave My Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Scared to be alone? In a dead end relationship? Arguing ALL the time?
Are your two opposing life situations (distance, finances, religion, culture) making it increasingly difficult to stay together? Have you broken up before only to go running back to each other shortly thereafter?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then MTV would like to hear your story. Tell us as much about your relationship as possible — let us know how long you’ve been together, what your attraction to each other was, what the circumstances were that led to your decision, and what your current status is as a couple

If you appear to be between the ages of 17-26, want to breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and would like to share your story, please email us at CantLeave@mtvn.com. Please be sure to include your name, location, phone number, and a photo of you and your mate.

True Life is MTV’s award-winning series that covers diverse topics that are important to our audience, ranging from pop culture trends to breaking news issues.

“Legit documentary-style programs about real-life families such as MTV’s “True Life” will get you right back in front of the old TV where you belong,” says Linda Stasi of the New York Post.

Maisie Posts EP for Download


Maisie, has posted her new EP, Visions, up for free download. via her MySpace.

MAISIE has only begun this journey slowly starting in June of 2008. Mel decided to start solo with this project so it could grab other opportunities, but didn’t expect a turnaround to her whole life in such a short period of time. After re-recording demos for a few months, she hit Rockbot Studios to record the first EP titled, ‘Visions’ during the month of November 2008. Already with ‘Visions’ released on iTunes and other online music stores on December 20, 2008, she’s in the midst of taking the next step to release another EP in the works titled, ‘Separate Worlds,’ which is the real beginning to her message and abilities.

“I always knew I needed to do this, using my voice to reach out to whoever needs to hear these words, but it was just a matter of time before it was the right time”, says Mel. With a few short tours and performances, and meeting new people, she’s found a sense of direction. The message of ‘Visions’ was greatly stressed during the few months of the EP being recorded for reasons of eyes being opened up to the world to see real truth, and not a truth that we look to in the world everyday. With unique lyrics, she describes, “I hate sugar coating what I want to say. I felt like I let that go a little bit the first time around, but now I feel like I am completely letting everything go into these new songs without the fear of people turning away from the message. Our world isn’t a pretty place, and when we put out our sufferings and a sense of truth in a place of darkness, lives can be changed and that is the ultimate goal.”

Up until recently, she has been working with several people for various amount of things and with the plan of moving to Nashville, Tennessee in the near future, she will be continuing to play solo, and with a live band as well to expand the drive and fill live performances for future tours. “I’ve learned to have a lot of patience these past few months not knowing what’s going to happen, but Gods brought me here to serve a purpose, and that purpose will be served in what ever way it’s meant to happen.”

You can expect to hear a lot more from MAISIE in the future, and stick around to see updates on the new EP, which will be released sometime in the middle of the year.

People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered. Love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Do good anyway.
If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway.
The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway.
The biggest person with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest person with the smallest mind. Think big anyway.
What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway.
People really need help but may attack if you help them. Help people anyway.
Give the world the best you have and you might get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you’ve got anyway

Anthony Ainsworth featured on Sounds from the Cellar tonight

Anthony Ainsworth
Anthony Ainsworth

Tonight’s featured artist by Sounds From the Cellar is Anthony Ainsworth. Anthony has been playing tunes in our area for several years. I can remember the old days of the Julep Room and the many drinks spent with Anthony. I can gurantee you that you will have a great time tonight. So make your plans now to make it to the Julep Room and while you are there be sure to request the song ‘Fred’. Its a masterpiece that will outlive time as we know it.

Check out Sounds From the Cellar for more information about this new internet radio station in our area.

Check out some pictures we took of Gina Turner and Anthoy Ainsworth in action at the Julep Room last year.

Much like most boys born and raised in South Mississippi Anthony Ainsworth began his musical journey in the church children’s choir. With a unique voice and a love for singing Anthony instantly stood out and grabbed up any oppritunities that came for singing a solo in the Sunday services. In his early teens the country music scene was booming with acts such as Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Allen Jackson, . . . . . while the rock stations were playing Metalica and Nirvana, Anthony took a liking to both, thus explaining his jagged edge style of country, if you asked him what kind of music he plays he’ll likely answer “I call it country”. At the age of fourteen Anthony began writing, “mostly trial and error”, at seventeen he started taking guitar lessons, played his first paying gig at nineteen, and has been hanging around the local music scene since.

quote taken from Sounds From the Cellar

97.9 CPR Rocks 2009 Big Stage Search 6

The Budweiser, WCPR Big Stage Search 6 submissions have begun. If you think that your band has what it takes to open up CPR Fest 13 then click here for the submission page. The top 6 bands will get to play this year at the Coast Coliseum’s Crawfish Festival. The winner will move on to open CPR Fest with the runner up playing the after party.

So if your band totally kicks some major ass, head to 97.9 CPR Rocks website and submit for a chance to win. Tell them the jackass at GCB sent ya.

Captain Chris’ Paradise Bar & Grill

Paradise Bar and Grill
Paradise Bar and Grill
There is a fairly new music venue that is getting a small buzz around downtown Ocean Springs. Captain Chris’ Paradise Bar & Grill is located just across the railroad tracks on Robinson Street. Upon entering, you will quickly notice the decor of a Hawaiian tropical paradise.

The building has an ample amount of room for seating and a handful of TV’s to catch the latest in sports updates while you satisfy your thirst at the bar. The front of house staff was friendly and upbeat. Their attitudes blend with the decor of the bar to give you one ‘heck’ of an experience.

I decided to check this place out this past Friday night. I sat at the bar and was immediately greeted by a friendly smile and an ample serving of my favorite beverage, iced tea. The menu has a nice variety to choose from; all the while sticking to a tropical theme.

After perusing the menu for a few minutes, I decided to order the fish and chips at $11.95. I love authentic fish and chips like a fat kid eats cake. The food was served very quickly to my humble surprise. In my basket were 4 large breaded pieces of fish with an order of fries. I asked for malt vinegar but was told they don’t carry it. Disappointment quickly set in, how can you have fish and chips without malt vinegar? I felt my meal crushing in around me. The fish was cooked perfectly. It was crisp on the outside and flaky on the inside as it should. The fries were a little over cooked but I can live with that. Ketchup can fix almost anything. The biggest disappoint of the meal was burnt taste from the fryer. It seemed they had not changed their fryer grease out in quite some time. The taste just lingered with each bite.

Most of the patrons were drinking and having a good time, so I couldn’t get any quick glances at some other plates. I’m thinking I just went on a bad night for the kitchen because I have heard some really good comments about this place. I’ll go back, but I won’t order the fish and chips.

Captain Chris’ Paradise Bar & Grill has a nice stage with ample lighting in the back of the room. It seems coast local favorites Rhythm and Rain are playing here for the next month or so. If you know this group, you’ll see why. They are perfect for the atmosphere portrayed by Captain Chris’ Paradise Bar & Grill. After my meal, I stuck around for a few songs and took some pictures of their performance. Check them out in our gallery and leave some comments.

Paradise Bar and Grill
1006 Robinson Ave
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
(228) 872-3182

Sounds From the Cellar

SFC Crew
SFC Crew
Sounds From the Cellar is a new internet radio station in our area headed up by the oh, so famous Gina Turner, Dr. Bob, and their sound engineer Sammy Lee better known as Snackbar to others on this site. The show started around mid-January featuring Danielle Thomas. The initial reception has been huge and artists are lining up to be a part of this new internet hit sensation. It’s time for you guys to jump on the band wagon.

Sounds From the Cellar is a live internet radio show broadcast from the Julep Room in Ocean Springs every Thursday night at 9:30pm. A different artist or band is featured each week with the recording uploaded on Podcast on Demand available at http://www.cellarsounds.com . They are in the works to get this streamed live each night via the Internet. Coolness at its best. This is a great way to get your music out there and heard by a new genre of fans.

Last night, I decided to check this out for myself. I’ve seen countless myspace bulletins, status updates, and have even received a few text messages from a butthead about checking this out. So my sad panda self got out into the brisk cold and made the adventure over to the wonderful city of Ocean Springs. Victor M. was the artist being featured last night at SFC. I caught the end of his melodic show and left with a full impression of an amazing solo artist. He stated his major influence was Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. Instant fan. Yes. His songs and stories were deep rooted and varied over a wide range of topics and movements. Hopefully, he will be around these parts for quite some time. Check out his show as soon at Littlegt gets it posted.

Sound From the Cellar is a new concept for our area. It provides a new tool for unsigned bands and artists to get their music out to the mass public. No longer will the excuse no one around here supports local music be valid as this show takes your live performance and makes it available to possibly millions across the vast Al Gore invented cyberspace. If you are interested in being a part of SFC, submit your information via their forms located here and tell them the jackass at GCB sent you.


Upcoming Shows:
Feb 12 – Anthony Ainsworth – www.myspace.com/anthonyainsworth25
Feb 19 – Artis Romero
Feb 26 – David Jones – www.myspace.com/gulfcoastdavidjones
March 5 – SFC on LOCATION – drum clinic @ Magnolia Music in Gulfport, MS
March 12 – Matt Hoggatt –www.matthoggatt.net

Ernie Vincent and Uncle Eddie at The Shed 2/6/09

The Shed
The Shed
This Friday night at The Original Shed BBQ & Blues Joint kicking off the 2009 ShedHed Saturday Night Concert Series the man considered by many to be a funk music pioneer, Ernie Vincent will hit the stage with the man on this month’s cover of the Chittlin’ Circuit Magazine, Uncle Ernie.

Ernie Vincent has gone down in the deep funk history books for creating that unhinged masterpiece of wah-wah guitar, multiple drum breakdowns and positive ghetto messages known as “Dap Walk. His appearance is intense, his riffs smoothly rhythmic and his leads as stinging as a hive of angry queen bees.

Vincent grew up playing guitar in the bayous of Southern Louisiana. In the early 70’s he formed the Top Notes. The group exploded in 1972 with the funk anthem “Dap Walk”. Most recently featured on the hit series “Sex and the City, Dap Walk has become a cult classic.

Since the 70’s Ernie has been collaborating with many great musicians. He has written and produced hundreds of great songs with artists such as Ernie K-Doe, Jean Knight, Tommy Ridgely, and Monk Boudreaux. He has been a special guest at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for many years and his music has been on many compilations CDs across the planet.