GulfCoastBands.Com started in the fall of 2004. It is a spin-off website from the 97.9 WCPR message board. When the illustrious rock mongrels of 97.9 WCPR decide to piss in the cheerios of some local boardies, an estranged and deranged individual stepped up to the plate to start a new website for everyone to congregate at. Thus, the Biloxi-wide famous GCB was born.

GCB has gone through several changes and ideas, yet not quite successful beyond the thoughts and dreams of a puppy loving guy who actually enjoys cuddling but hates long walks on the beach at night. The feeling of sand in-between your toes is kind of a repulsive feeling.

This is a site for people along the gulf coast to share information and support local music. This site is based on opinions and the drama of local rock queens who deem it necessary to speak in illiterate ways. If you do not agree with something, hell… post whatever you want. It’s just local band rock drama anyways. It’s not like whatever you believe in will strike you down by a thunderous bolt of lightning to stop you in your internet typing tracks. Trust me, I wrote a letter to my God and asked him to. He told me to basically f-off and to get a life. I listened to the big guy upstairs. I really did.

I love to post news about local bands and events here on the gulf coast. If you have news or if you just want me to write my opinion about an issue, feel free to email me at marc AT gulf coast bands dot com. I’ll make sure to get back to just as soon as I possibly can. That is if homeland security isn’t trying to arrest me for supporting illegal immigration and giving out tacos and sombreros to needy white kids who can’t afford to pay someone to work for them at Abercrombie.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. My name’s Mike Katt.
    I’m an independent multi-instrumentalist currently promoting an
    instrumental album called Sonic Transmission.
    It’s an eclectic mix of Rock, Prog, and Electronica.
    If you’d like me to email MP3s to your blogspot, let me know.
    The album is available to preview and buy at:

    You can also visit me and preview tracks at
    Thank you for your time.

  2. Hi, I’m George, keyboardist & guitarist for New Orleans Progressive Rock group Tabula Rasa.
    Thanks for this wonderful site promoting regional groups; we need all the help we can get to continue bringing the gulf coast back!

    Come see Tabula Rasa Friday October 9th at
    Zeitgeist Theater:
    New Orleans, La

    Show is at 8 P.M.

    check out our band and studio websites:


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