WES BORLAND On New BLACK LIGHT BURNS: ‘It Floors Everything We’ve Done Up To This Point’

BLACK LIGHT BURNS mainman/ex-LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland has issued the following update:

“I know I talk a lot, but we [BLACK LIGHT BURNS] HAVE delivered a debut album and a covers record and a DVD to you since June of 2007, circled the U.S. three times (sorry Europe and Japan, etc. BLB not coming over there is due to how expensive it is, not how much we want to come over. If it was up to us, we’d be on tour everywhere on earth all the time, although, they are switching on the Large Hadron Collider tomorrow and we MAY be swallowed by a black hole. Anyways, not our fault. When there’s a big enough demand for us, we’ll be there with bells on. If any of you reading this are promoters who want to make this happen, send us mail and we’ll discuss.) and are going out commando-style (no tour support) with COMBICHRIST at the top of ’09. So, when I say what I’m about to say, I want you to know that I mean it. We’re mixing our record and it floors everything we’ve done up to this point. We might as well have not even made a record before this. I’m so happy, you have no idea. You ain’t seen nothin yet. Not a thing, (or as they say in ‘A Christmas Story’: Not a finger!).”

BLACK LIGHT BURNS recently released “Cover Your Heart and The Anvil Pants Odyssey”, a combination CD and DVD package on I Am: Wolfpack/YMA Music Group. Packed with reinterpreted songs of bands including DURAN DURAN (“Hungry Like the Wolf”), THE JESUS LIZARD (“The Art of Self Defense”), SISTERS OF MERCY (“Lucretia My Reflection”) and PJ HARVEY (“Rid of Me”), “Cover Your Heart” is a deconstruction and reconstruction of music that the band has loved and appreciated.