The Budweiser, WCPR Big Stage Search 6 submissions have begun. If you think that your band has what it takes to open up CPR Fest 13 then click here for the submission page. The top 6 bands will get to play this year at the Coast Coliseum’s Crawfish Festival. The winner will move on to open CPR Fest with the runner up playing the after party.

So if your band totally kicks some major ass, head to 97.9 CPR Rocks website and submit for a chance to win. Tell them the jackass at GCB sent ya.

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4 Responses to “97.9 CPR Rocks 2009 Big Stage Search 6”
  1. david balkevitch says:

    What is the date for the cpr fest

  2. nataliejo says:

    I’d really like to know who’s playing at CPR fest this yearr. and if that’s not applicable, atleast who won the battle of the bands?!

  3. CarrieA says:

    When are the bands and the date going to be announced???

  4. Robert M. says:

    Please tell me Less Than Sacred is competing !!!!!! I saw them at thunders last weekend…holy sh*t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!