Download a-ha latest single “Foot of the Mountain”

It seems nothing, and I repeat nothing can keep this Norwegian New Wave band away from doing what they love. Most people in the states only saw a-ha as a one hit wonder but they have yet to disappear from their music community. Their 80’s hit “Take on Me” has been featured in many hit television shows, movies, etc. Just ask Chris from family guy about his take on it.

This new single, titled “Foot Of The Mountain,” is the title track of their tenth studio album. Check it out here while you can. Nothing like something free to download.

One thought on “Download a-ha latest single “Foot of the Mountain””

  1. Hi there.
    It’s actually going to be their 9th studio album.
    There were a live album in 2003 (How can I sleep with your voice in my head) and a greatest hits album in 2004 (The singles 1984-2004) which may have made your count go off. 🙂

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