Guitar Zero 2010 – Call For Ugliest Guitar Nominations is up to it again and have just announced the return of their Ugliest Guitar Awards.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but seriously what could some people be beholden to when they come up with some of the strange custom guitar modifications we see on the web these days?

Although took a break from exposing aspiring custom luthiers in 2009, previous years the awards came with names like “The Texas Guitar Massacre (Worst of 2005)”, “Frankenstrat (Worst of 2006)”, “The London Axe Murders (Worst of 2007)”, and the simple yet elegant “Ugliest Guitars of 2008”.

And the worst hack-job axes this year will walk (or crawl) away with the title of “Guitar Zero 2010”.

If you would like to nominate a particularly ugly guitar, you can click here.

Pictures of some of the previous losers are also available on the link above.

So vote early, and vote often, for Guitar Zero 2010!