HalfDown Thomas Continues To Record At Rivergate Studios

Cullman, AL-based rock quartet HalfDown Thomas released their album, “Beautifully Strange,” on February 17th, but already the band has been back in Rivergate Studios with 3 Doors Down’s Chris Henderson as producer. The band has two new songs they are recording and tracking, and they are also planning to record a cover of Blackfoot’s “Train Train,” which will be released at some point in the future.

HalfDown Thomas has shared the stage with acts as diverse and influential as Kings of Leon, OutKast, Evanescence, and Fuel, just to name a few. Somewhere between Pearl Jam and Nickleback, between Stone Temple Pilots and Breaking Benjamin, is where you’ll find HalfDown Thomas’ sound. Throw in individual influences as varied as Southern rock and ’80s hair metal, and what shakes out is modern rock alternative with scorching guitar solos, bombastic rhythm work, and attention to lyrical hooks that create an interesting and listener-friendly mix.

Henderson produced “Beautifully Strange,” which was completed at Rivergate Studios (www.rivergatestudios.net) in Hendersonville, TN (after two sessions at his previous Rivergate Studios location in Mississippi were ruined by Hurricane Katrina and a computer glitch). The studio is co-owned and run by Henderson and Bobby Capps of .38 Special. It was formerly known as Hipp Studios and is a full service complex. The studio has just opened a third Pro Tools-equipped studio, a newly-opened separate rehearsal facility, and on-site band lodging, bus parking and bus power have been added to the studios’ roster of offerings very recently.

Already, the studio has hosted a number of musicians and bands including Ken Block (Sister Hazel), Jon Nicholson (Musik Mafia), Todd Harrell (3 Doors Down), Mark Matakia (Lynryd Skynyrd), Halfdown Thomas, Kolo, Benjy Davis Project, David Z (Prince), and editing projects by Donnie Van Zant (.38 Special) and Don Barnes (.38 Special). Other recent or upcoming studio work includes Andrew Hoover, American Devils, The Campaign 1984, Nothing In Return (featuring members of Flaw), Willie Stradlin, Josh Pennington, The Good Side, Tommy Steele, and Neverset.

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