Juke Joint Jam Out @ The Shed 04/03/05

Juke Joint Jam Out @ The Shed 04/03/05
By Jimbo Sage

After the water went down, the sun came out and the music went up on a lazy Sunday afternoon and evening at The Shed barbecue restaurant in Ocean Springs. Three days earlier parts of The Shed House and Camp Journey’s End were swamped with liquid sunshine that overflowed from the banks of the bayou, and even swamped into The Shed Party Bus. “Never fear the ShedHeads are here” brought a successful rescue mission executed with the help from Rick the Mechanic.

So on this beautiful afternoon as it was, it was meant to be, we find Jimbo’s (thats me) Juke Joint Jam shining under a perfect blue sky accompanied by Butch on Bass, and Scott Rico on Guitfiddle. No drummer here today, so all rythmn and pulse is powered by my patent pending Salad Bowl Drum. What a blast! Some new cat came outa nowhere and played some really sweet SRV and classic oldies that jammed us all silly. His name was Robert Killen, and yea he was truly fashillon, with the eyebinez guit and peeevy sweetone amp, all bone, bringin it down home, in your face, lets do it again, he says yeah, see ya next week ! Loved Stevie”s “Tin Pan Alley” and Jimi’s “Hey Joe”, as did Butch, as did Rico!

Well who was next but good old friend, fresh from a long night at The Julep, Brad Jordan, who brought his flight case of harps and blew some serious Mississippi Saxophone. Hailing from the delta, Brad has got some serious blues chops and plays a mean piano and guitfiddle too! Look for him and his sweet lady Brenda at The Julep (Saturday’s) and The Tiki Room (Wednesday’s).

Next we were treated to local resident and new Vancleavian, Doc- Al, who sings to the seventies and really nails those timeless classics, he promises to bring out his band from N.O. and jam with us all. Sounds like fun Doc! ..Surprise for you, Surprise for me,… my favorite “Mississippi Hippie Chick” Ms. Rochelle Harper got caught in a blues,gospel,twostep,whirlwind and stomped on me salad bowl drum, luv ya Roe! See ya Saturday on the 23rd (twenty days aways) right here at The Shed. Don’t ya-all miss Her! Lastly Anthony Ainsworth got some stage time and brought us all back while strumming on his sweet Telecaster guitfiddle. I took a major time warp with Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page” made me feel sweet sixteen again!

Anything else? Well of course, I have only just hinted upon the fun and good vibes had by everyone present today! We all enjoy one another and I try to keep this gig as free and laid back as possible cause it’s only just three chords and the truth! It’s time for me to call it a night, I hope to see you all next Sunday!

Your Humble Bluesman,
Jimbo Sage