Public apology by Donn Hupp

This is an exclusive public statement provided to from Donn Hupp.

I apologize to the fans of our local music community. Even more so to the local songwriters and musicians who have been inspired, encouraged, now disappointed, and perhaps confused. What has been kept dark has been now brought to light. I admit a long-lived compulsion that got out of hand. I am thankful for my friends and regret the position which I placed so many. I am also thankful to those who have expressed themselves anonymously on the issue of infringement. Most of all, I am thankful for my beautiful wife and family who love me beyond mistakes.

I did record and perform previously published works without permission and without due credit to songwriters, artists, record and publishing companies.

It is my sole responsibility for notification and restitution. None of the singers, musicians, and artists who either played in studio or performed publicly had knowledge of any possible copyright infringement or plagiarism.

The responsibility is my burden alone. I am unpublished, under no representation, or associated with any performance organization.

In the summer of 2002, six songs were recorded in studio, add one previously recorded live track, for a self titled cd. Two of the tracks, “She Went To Denver” and “Turpentine” are my complete original work. No songwriter/publishing credits were given, not even my own. The cd was made available at time of performance only. Through 2005 no more than five hundred homemade units were printed. Some were sold. Some were given away. Some unusable after Hurricane Katrina. Exact numbers are unavailable. There have been no more printed or available since. With few exceptions, the local venues I performed these songs and others did participate in public performance licensing agreements with no proper credit from myself. During this time, playing music locally was my only income and financially “just getting by”.

Again, my deepest apologies to those who have been affected by this sudden turmoil in our community.

My hope is proactive and forward.
Donn Hupp

3 thoughts on “Public apology by Donn Hupp”

  1. That reads like it was writen by a grown man. Put it to music and it’s got the makins of a hit Nashville can relate to.

  2. An apology makes it all okay ? I’m sorry means you can trust me next time ? The apology sounds pretty planned and prewritten by someone else to me. But he is your friend not mine. I have only known him for 25 years and I have heard plenty of apologies. Maybe you know him better than me, but I’m not buying it. Thank heaven he has his “beautiful wife and family to love him beyond mistakes”. Somehow this doesnt seem like a mistake but an intentional and deliberate lie.

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