Jane Doe’s Dead quest for CPR Fest 13

Jane Doe's Dead
Jane Doe's Dead

by C. D. Harvill

This past Thursday night WCPR and Budweiser held the fifth preliminary in the Big Stage Search Competition at Guitars and Cadillacs in D’Iberville. Second in the evening’s lineup was Jane Doe’s Dead. The Biloxi-based band consists of Josh Gillie, lead vocals; Yancey Yeatts, guitar/back up vocals; Chris Noble, bass/back up vocals; and Kevin Gordan, drums.

From Yeatts’ facial expressions to Noble’s head banging, the band generated an energy that was felt throughout the audience. While being front man did not seem to be a natural extension for Gillie, he put his all into the performance. In a refreshing change of pace for the local music scene–Gillie actually sang. Not only did he sing, he did a commendable job of it. Overuse of vibrato is his trademark technique, but he atually enunciated the words. Did I say refreshing change of pace? The harmonies provided by Yeatts and Noble were a nice accent to the overall mood, giving the songs a more complete sound. Gordan, who is the he newest addition to the band, proved himself to be a tasteful and steady drummer.

Although the eighties metal-sounding band hasn’t been together long, their experience as musicians shows in their solid, tight, live performance. Overall, the band had a refreshing style and put on a good show.

Their performance landed them in a tie with Left Broken, and a spot on stage at the 17th Annual Coast Coliseum Crawfish Festival, April where they will be vying for the coveted role of opening band at CPR Fest 13.

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