Vote for your favorite band in the 97.9 CPR Rocks 2009 Big Stage Search 6

97.9 CPR Rocks
97.9 CPR Rocks

The band choices have been submitted. Its time for you to head over to the 97.9 CPR website and cast your vote for who plays the prelimaries. On March 1st, the top 18 bands will be released and the order of the competition will be as follows:

● MAR 4 Preliminary 1 (Nates Sports Bar and Grill)
● MAR 12: Preliminary 2 (Guitars and Cadillacs)
● MAR 20: Preliminary 3 (Thunder’s Tavern)
● MAR 28: Preliminary 4 (Nates Sports Bar and Grill)
● APR 2: Preliminary 5 (Guitars and Cadillacs)
● APR 10: Preliminary 6 (Thunder’s Tavern)

● APR 16: Winners from Preliminary 1-3 at Crawfish Festival
● APR 23: Winners from Preliminary 4-6 at Crawfish Festival
● MAY 1: Crawfish Festival Winners on Hour Long Pick It or Flick It

So go exercise your right to vote. Vote once a day for your favorite band.

97.9 CPR Rocks 2009 Big Stage Search 6

The Budweiser, WCPR Big Stage Search 6 submissions have begun. If you think that your band has what it takes to open up CPR Fest 13 then click here for the submission page. The top 6 bands will get to play this year at the Coast Coliseum’s Crawfish Festival. The winner will move on to open CPR Fest with the runner up playing the after party.

So if your band totally kicks some major ass, head to 97.9 CPR Rocks website and submit for a chance to win. Tell them the jackass at GCB sent ya.