Crawfish Festival Squeezes Up Juice

Lookin 4 Juice
Lookin 4 Juice

by C. D. Harvill

This past Thursday the 17th Annual Crawfish Festival had the largest turnout for an opening night, along with an unexpected outcome in the Big Stage Search Competition.

As expected Subtle Shot put on an overall good performance. It was nice to see the guys actually moving around the stage and working the crowd. However, it seemed as if their set was one never-ending song.

Next to take the stage was Aura. Their show was riddled with minor errors. The Biloxi based band pumped their usual energetic performance across the Crawfish Festival. Lead singer and front man Tyler Voss, may not have the best voice, but he is no doubt a front man. Voss took a stab at a cliché scaffolding climb, although the climb was too early and lacked the expected enthusiasm, he still gets props for the rock star move.

Out of the evening’s performances Lookin 4 Juice had the most flawless. They weren’t the most energetic, stylish, or well-known band there, but they put on a show that earned just as many fist in the air as the first two bands. The underdog of this contest pulled out on top.

Lookin 4 Juice will go up against the winner of this weeks competition in a special edition of Pick it or Flick it on 97.9 WCPR. The winner of Pick it or Flick it will be the opening band for CPR Fest 13.

Check out pictures from this night in our photogallery.

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