N.Y. TV Show Is Looking For Indie Music Videos

IndiMusic TV is looking for independent artists or bands who have a quality concept music video (no live footage) they would like to air on WLNY TV 10/55, a powerful commercial TV station in the N.Y. tri-state area. Says John Tabacco, Associate Producer: “We reach over six million homes and potentially 15 million viewers. We are currently offering this opportunity for free. Indimusic TV is a half hour show that airs for 13 weeks, and broadcasts four videos a week. We play music videos from around the world as well as interview some of the artists involved. This is the only show of its kind and is the first of its kind in N.Y. (the #1 market in the U.S.). We just need a DVD or a minidv of the video or they can send it can via www.yousendit.com if it is a big file.” For more information please visit and register at www.indimusictv.com. E-mail jtabacco@guruproject.com. Call 1-631-585-5380.

Helping Boost The Indie Music Revolution!

Helping Boost The Indie Music Revolution!

Boston, MA — If you’re riding the wave of the indie music revolution you’re about to get a huge boost. Music career coach Peter Spellman has just released the second edition of Indie Marketing Power: THE Resource Guide for Maximizing Your Music Marketing – a 388-page resource-rich handbook designed to help all music entrepreneurs navigate through the hundreds of marketing and promotional opportunities available today.

“This is a guide you can refer to again and again because it is full of easy-to-apply best marketing practices any music company can benefit from,” says Spellman. “Just put this Indie Marketing Power on your desktop and you’ll have a reliable marketing tool kit to refer to for all your promo and marketing needs.”

Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby has this to say about this new book: “INDIE MARKETING POWER is the most helpful book for musicians promoting their music that I have ever seen. I’m considering this not just essential reading, but REQUIRED reading for every musician I know!”

Indie Marketing Power delivers market intelligence, smart strategies and fresh perspectives on essential music marketing ideas and practices. It covers everything from discovering your unique market niche and assessing your current marketing practices, to tapping the power of your audience, securing profitable license deals and expanding your music overseas. In between you’ll discover the best promotional practices for live performance, selling merchandise, working the media, using ecommerce, building your mailing lists, securing radio airplay, finding the right distributors, attracting sponsors, and much, much more. The final chapter walks you through the process of writing a results-driven marketing plan, and three glossaries and a 38-page Further Resource Guide top it off.

Indie Marketing Power sells for $24.95 (eBook) and $34.95 (print) respectively and is available exclusively from Music Business Solutions (mbsolutions.com/books).

Additional MBS Guides include “Plan Your Band!,” “Your Successful CD Release” and “Indie Power: A Business-Building Guide for Record Labels, Music Production Houses, and Merchant Musicians.”

Author Peter Spellman is Director of Career Development at Berklee College of Music, Boston, and a recognized expert on music business development and grass roots music marketing. He is featured in the documentary film, “What is Indie?” and his Guides are used in universities across the country and in over twenty-five countries around the world.

Why Your Band Should Use Twitter

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro blogging social networking site that allows you to write what is deemed as “tweets”. These posts can be about anything you can imagine, within a 140 character limit. You can also follow other people on twitter and their “tweets” will appear on your own page.

When it comes to twitter, you can follow whoever you choose to follow. The tweets are very short glimpses into someone else’s life, their thoughts, or just observations. You can quickly share a link that catches your eye or easily make plans with a group of people to have a wild night out on the town.

Basically, twitter is a simple man’s (or woman, gotta be politically correct) way of blogging. You can do this via the web or by text messaging from your phone. With the iphone and blackberry apps, this is extremely easy and addicting. It’s really easy to find and follow other people on Twitter.

Twitter, Connecting You to Your Fans

If you are a band, then you would be a fool to think that your fans do not want to connect to you in all levels possible. They want to know about you, your life, your music, and how they can become closer to the band as a whole. Every band has these diehard types of fans, even if your music sucks there is that groupie who always comes to your show, drives hours to see you play in some nasty bar, and they tell you thanks each and every time. Twitter can help you gain new fans and become closer to old ones.

How do you start on Twitter?

First, sign up as your band name. Go to http://www.twitter.com and establish an account. There is a video on the homepage to give you an easy-to understand overview of how to use Twitter. Even a bass player can understand it.

Second, use your email sign up list that you have saved to your computer from shows (Because every good band has a sign-up mailing list!) and see if any of your fans are already using twitter. You may have quite a few already on twitter tweeting away. Also be sure to setup your profile to reflect your band image. Use a good image, maybe a band picture or album picture as a static image in the background. Fill in the info about yourself, input your website or MySpace address. This is all so your fans have something to see you as when they view your page.

Third, decide who is going to run the account from their mobile device. Sign up with this mobile device and link to the account. This will be the phone you send texts/updates from. You can also update via the web. If you have a band account on Facebook, link the status update from twitter to your Facebook account. Each time you post to twitter, it will update Facebook for you.

Now you have to decide how you are going to post on Twitter. Don’t post the same thing over and over again or people will stop following you. I don’t suggest only posting for people to buy your merch all the time. You should actually spend a little time having a conversation about what is going on in the band or about you, one of the musicians in the band. Do post a few times about the business aspect of your band, after all this is a free marketing tool. Then you can actually engage in communicating with your music community.

You communicate directly by repling to other people’s tweets. You do this by using the @ symbol and then their username. If you wanted to type something directly to gulfcoastbands, you would type @gulfcoastbands first and then the message. You can also send a direct message that only the user can see. This can be a very effect way of talking to someone without exchanging telephone numbers per say.

As a band, you can use twitter as a very powerful tool. Just think, you are on tour so twitter can be your online diary of your adventures. You can use Twitpic to take pictures and share them easily from your phone. Maybe you want to share your set list to your fans for your show later in the week in Memphis, TN or Chicago, IL. Maybe you want to let them know you just had a great sound check and you can’t wait to meet them at the merch booth after the show. The possibilities are endless.

You can also get a Twitter Badge or Twitter Widget to add to your myspace page and website page. This will allow your non-Twitter fans to see what you are up to as it will update as your update your tweets.

As you can see, Twitter is a very powerful tool if taken advantage of and used correctly. It is in my opinion, that every band and musician should have a twitter for their fans to follow. It’s free and the possibilities are endless on who can spread the word about your work. Check out some links below to other people using twitter.

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