Aura posts new song

The band Aura from Ocean Springs, MS has posted a ‘Life From The Top’ to their myspace. Aura consists of former members from Joshua Sun and Tyler formerly of Subsist. You can catch their first show this Wednesday night at Thunder’s Tavern in Pascagoula, MS. They will be opening for Midnight to Twelve and Egypt Central.

The differences between Aura and Joshua Sun are not that drastic. You have both Chris’s on guitar and Jake is still on bass guitar. Dean, the former singer of Joshua Sun, is now on drums and backup vocals. Tyler is now the new front man of the band. A new face and a new sound, let’s hope this is a winning combination.

I am a fan of both Joshua Sun and Subsist. Tyler wrote the greatest lyrics in the world. When the chorus of your song is, “I scream, you scream, we all screm for ice cream”, you know you have hit on your hands. I look forward to hearing more songs from this band. Hopefully Aura won’t be plagued by the problems that resided in Joshua Sun. I hope they will actually work together and try to be successful instead of sitting in the slow lane and watching everything pass them by.

Check them out here and listen to ‘Life From The Top’.