Song Theft Pays?

It’s not often that I get letters submitted anonymously to this site, so I took my time to read the following passage. It really brought to my attention of something serious in our own music community here on the gulf coast. So I did a little research and it appears to be very true. I am posting it in its entirety and in doing so, asking for you leave your opinions and comments on it. Let me know what you think.


Every artist wonders what they’d do if their songs were stolen. How would you feel if you learned there was copyright infringement happening right here on the Gulf Coast? Whether copyright infringement is intentional or unintentional the consequences are the same.

Donn Hupp has been a member of the Coast music community since he moved to Mississippi from Nashville some time in the 90s. He was once a respected songwriter in the Country/Folk genre, hosting The Julep Room’s unique ‘originals only’ Songwriters Night for a number of years, playing festivals all over as both a solo artist and as an accompanist to other artists and bands, and most importantly, serving for a while as a symbol of the true songwriter who’d ‘been there/done that’ and lived to play another day. Over the years Hupp offered countless musicians what seemed like really sound advice. He preached the integrity of original music and the importance of having a venue that embraced it. He lied. And along the way he endangered venues who at one time didn’t host cover songs because they weren’t covered with Performing Rights Organizations. He endangered the artists who helped him record his album with no idea that they were helping him infringe copyright. He endangered the artists who played live with him. He lied to dedicated fans all over the Gulf Coast. The shocker is that in a decade or longer no one ever caught on until last month.

In April 09 Hupp was a featured artist on sfcLIVE – a relatively new but exceedingly popular music podcast recorded from The Julep Room in Ocean Springs, MS and broadcast from sfcLIVE is a showcase for the ORIGINAL music of independent bands and artists along the entire Gulf Coast of every genre, focusing on the artists who have interesting stories and solid music but for whatever reason don’t receive attention elsewhere. Hupp’s show was presented as Episode 12 of sfcLIVE and in the same day that it went online it was taken back offline by the website’s administration. And it’s never seen the light of day again. I was curious so I investigated.

It seems Donn Hupp has been ripping off Country artist Billy Dean ( for the last 10 or so years to the tune of the songs “Simple Things” “Starting Over Again” and “The Mountain Moved.” He’s somehow successfully passed these songs off as his own even going so far as to record them and sell them for a lot of profit for almost as long as he’s been performing them, never once giving credit to the songwriters or to Billy Dean. It took only a few hours once the show was online at the sfcLIVE website for an anonymous listener to bring it to the attention of the site’s administration and for the owners of the site to pull the show down so that they could verify the claim. They found the accusations to be 100% fact and deleted Hupp’s episode permanently, barring him from any future dealings with their company. On Demand Media, the parent company, has each artist sign a contract releasing sfcLIVE and its owners from liability in the event that fraud occurs, so long as they take immediate action to remove the materials from their site and I doubt honestly they thought a member of their own community would be the case in point for why they must use the artist contract. I was told that is in the process of rewriting its Terms of Service in regard to theft so that any other artists may be too afraid of getting caught to even submit their stolen music to sfcLIVE for review. It’s mind-boggling that none of Hupp’s peers or listeners ever realized he was completely ripping off a world-renown artist.

The fact that it took one listener a matter of minutes to recognize the lies is a testament to the power of media. If you do something wrong you are going to get caught. The fact that the listener did report it, that the site’s owners took all necessary actions to remove it, and that this anonymous writer decided to expose it for the sake of every artist who might read this article, is a testament to the fact that if you’re the one who decides to flat out lie and then invite everyone on board the wagon you know has a bum wheel, those people are sure to jump off before the crash and save themselves from your deception and embarrassment, leaving you to deal with the implications by yourself.

That’s as much as I know to be fact about Donn Hupp singer-songwriter. Let this be a lesson to everyone: Don’t steal. Don’t lie. Never never never take some else’s art. Hupp himself asked on the lost episode as he blasted a former radio DJ for sharing a line of his that ended up on another famous artist’s album, “How can you ever know your music safe?” Who’d like Donn Hupp’s answer to that question now?

Buzzincuzzin and Ashley Dawn pictures from 3/19/09

We were at the Julep Room this past Thursday night for another addition of SFClive. It was an entertaining show that everyone should kick themself in the ass for missing it.

Check out our pictures here

Anthony Ainsworth featured on Sounds from the Cellar tonight

Anthony Ainsworth
Anthony Ainsworth

Tonight’s featured artist by Sounds From the Cellar is Anthony Ainsworth. Anthony has been playing tunes in our area for several years. I can remember the old days of the Julep Room and the many drinks spent with Anthony. I can gurantee you that you will have a great time tonight. So make your plans now to make it to the Julep Room and while you are there be sure to request the song ‘Fred’. Its a masterpiece that will outlive time as we know it.

Check out Sounds From the Cellar for more information about this new internet radio station in our area.

Check out some pictures we took of Gina Turner and Anthoy Ainsworth in action at the Julep Room last year.

Much like most boys born and raised in South Mississippi Anthony Ainsworth began his musical journey in the church children’s choir. With a unique voice and a love for singing Anthony instantly stood out and grabbed up any oppritunities that came for singing a solo in the Sunday services. In his early teens the country music scene was booming with acts such as Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Allen Jackson, . . . . . while the rock stations were playing Metalica and Nirvana, Anthony took a liking to both, thus explaining his jagged edge style of country, if you asked him what kind of music he plays he’ll likely answer “I call it country”. At the age of fourteen Anthony began writing, “mostly trial and error”, at seventeen he started taking guitar lessons, played his first paying gig at nineteen, and has been hanging around the local music scene since.

quote taken from Sounds From the Cellar

Sounds From the Cellar

SFC Crew
SFC Crew
Sounds From the Cellar is a new internet radio station in our area headed up by the oh, so famous Gina Turner, Dr. Bob, and their sound engineer Sammy Lee better known as Snackbar to others on this site. The show started around mid-January featuring Danielle Thomas. The initial reception has been huge and artists are lining up to be a part of this new internet hit sensation. It’s time for you guys to jump on the band wagon.

Sounds From the Cellar is a live internet radio show broadcast from the Julep Room in Ocean Springs every Thursday night at 9:30pm. A different artist or band is featured each week with the recording uploaded on Podcast on Demand available at . They are in the works to get this streamed live each night via the Internet. Coolness at its best. This is a great way to get your music out there and heard by a new genre of fans.

Last night, I decided to check this out for myself. I’ve seen countless myspace bulletins, status updates, and have even received a few text messages from a butthead about checking this out. So my sad panda self got out into the brisk cold and made the adventure over to the wonderful city of Ocean Springs. Victor M. was the artist being featured last night at SFC. I caught the end of his melodic show and left with a full impression of an amazing solo artist. He stated his major influence was Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. Instant fan. Yes. His songs and stories were deep rooted and varied over a wide range of topics and movements. Hopefully, he will be around these parts for quite some time. Check out his show as soon at Littlegt gets it posted.

Sound From the Cellar is a new concept for our area. It provides a new tool for unsigned bands and artists to get their music out to the mass public. No longer will the excuse no one around here supports local music be valid as this show takes your live performance and makes it available to possibly millions across the vast Al Gore invented cyberspace. If you are interested in being a part of SFC, submit your information via their forms located here and tell them the jackass at GCB sent you.

Upcoming Shows:
Feb 12 – Anthony Ainsworth –
Feb 19 – Artis Romero
Feb 26 – David Jones –
March 5 – SFC on LOCATION – drum clinic @ Magnolia Music in Gulfport, MS
March 12 – Matt Hoggatt –

GCB Picture updates

I’ve been lazy for quite some time now. It’s inherent in all of us. I finally decided to upload some long overdue pictures yesterday. I still have several more recent shows to upload as well. Anyway, check them out.

Falls From Grace – Uncrowned

Yeah, I’m way behind on uploading pictures. Anyway, here are some pictures of Falls From Grace and Uncrowned at Thunders Tavern on 4/5/08. Check them out.

Ko-lija at Sweet’s Lounge in Ocean Springs, MS

This was a great show by Matt and the gang. I also saw my first ever chicken shit contest this day. Sweet’s Lounge in Ocean Springs had some great cool people and some amazing crawfish this day. Check out the pics at the link below.

Gina Turner and Anthony Ainsworth at the Julep Room

Here are some pictures I took at the Julep Room at the beginning of this month. I had the pleasure of watching Gina Turner and Anthony Ainsworth perform this night. Andrea Rodgers even stopped by to celebrate her birthday so I had to snap a few shots.

Check out the pictures. It was a great night.

Adrenaline Tattoo Grand Opening

Here are some pictures of 13th Hour, CastorTroy, Stereohype, Aura at the Adrenaline Tattoo grand opening in Gulfport earlier this month. It was a great all ages show with a decent turn out. Hopefully, they will do this at least once a quarter there.

Brian Powers vs. The World at the Julep Room

Oh what a night, this was one badass Monday night at the Julep Room. I was playing around taking some pics of the band and cool Ocean Springs people having fun. Check out the pics, you may see someone you know.

Mutheroux at the Julep Room

Check out these great pics of Mutheroux at the Julep Room from a couple weeks ago. It was another great night of sweet music, cold beer, and great people at the Julep Room.

Gina Turner posts “Birds of a Feather” video

Gina Turner
Gina Turner
The infamous Gina Turner has posted her video to “Birds of a Feather” on youtube. I have to say that I have been a huge stalker of Gina for several years now. Ever since I first met her at the Julep Room, I have been mystified by her transpiring performances. Her lyrics are deep and captivating, plus her smart ass comments make me feel warm inside like a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup when you are sick on a cold winter’s day.

I actually started an interview with Gina three years ago that I swear one day she and I will finish. I’ll share one question that we had:

GCB: Do you think there is an ambient or atmospheric quality to your music?

Gina Turner: My music is all about atmosphere. I try very hard to alter my listeners’ sense of awareness when I perform. It’s really cool to feel the vibe in the room sync up to the mood of the music.

The infamous Gina Turner will be performing at the Julep Room in Ocean Springs on Friday, September 26. I highly suggest you make it out and catch her is beautiful and intriguing performance. The show should start around 10pm. So go there early, and request that she plays “The Wheels on the Bus”. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out the video to “Birds of a Feather”