6/17 – Falls From Grace CD Release party tonight at Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill


Falls From Grace will be hosting their release party for Pleasure and Pain tonight at Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill on Hwy 49 in Gulfport. If for some reason you can’t make this show, be sure to pick up their cd from CD Baby. Also playing tonight are Jane Doe’s Dead and Pandemic. It’s three great bands for only $5 bucks, so check it out. It’s nice to see a local band have their CD release party locally.

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See the ‘hype’ about More Than Motion

More Than Motion
More Than Motion

by C. D. Harvill

Stereohype’s fifth, and debut full-length, studio album, More Than Motion, is loaded with hits. The title track, More Than Motion, as well as Loco Motive and No Heroes can be heard on the band’s MySpace page. Other tracks include Blackout, The One, Times Like These, and Stockholm.

In the past one of Stereohype’s hits was a drinking song and they didn’t let us down with this new album. More Than Motion is filled with drinking songs and references. If you have ever had a few too many drinks and found love in a bar Blackout is the song for you; and if you haven’t, its catchy chorus is still a lot of fun to sing along to.

The One starts off with very popular rock runs and then falls into full-on trumpets. No album is complete without at least one broken-hearted song, and although there are multiple on this album, The One will most definitely be a favorite with its “emo” lyrics, heavy rock drums and even a screamo line made original with the bands signature ska flair pumping the chorus.

Given that Stereohype’s genre is ska expect to hear various musical stylings intertwined throughout their songs. Times Like These starts off very reggae with blues overtones, but proves itself rock before the theatrical rap mid way through the song.

Showing the guy’s humor, Stockholm’s clever lyrics are a prime example of the cliché that a guitarist’s axe is his girl. Chase Thomes vocals, mixed with the guitars, drums and horn line, showcase a jazzy funk style that only a southern-bred band could pull off appropriately.

Every song on this album is high voltage, demanding you to get up and dance (or skank in ska terms). No matter the situation, More Than Motion has you covered; after listening to a song or two you’ll be driven to get out there and live life to your fullest. Despite your preferred genre or Stereohype’s unsigned status, this album is a must listen for 2009. The album’s May ninth release date, however, is now uncertain. A car ran a red light and struck guitarist, trumpet player and vocalist Nicholas Rohde on his motorcycle after the band’s victorious participation in a battle of the bands at the Hard Rock Casino.

Rohde is in good spirits. While having sustained serious injuries that may inhibit his ability to play and perform, he was wearing a helmet and padded riding jacket that may have helped save his life. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery and can return to what he does so well–making great music.

The driver who struck Rohde was uninsured, leaving Rohde with the burden of medical expenses, etc. If you are interested in donating to the Nic Rohde benefit you can either go in person to Hancock Bank and make a deposit to the credit of: BENEFIT FOR NICHOLAS ROHDE 044288920 or attend the benefit show at Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill on May 8th.

Stereohype’s Myspace Page

Nate’s Bar and Grill – Gulfport, MS

Have you ever wanted to find that special entertainment venue where something is always happening?  Well, I think I have just the place for you.  Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill located off Hwy 49 in Gulfport is just that place.  Sporting the slogan, “There is always something going on at Nate’s!” this bar is not your average sports bar by any means. 

Just for starters, Service Industry Night is 7 nights a week.  What other bar on the Mississippi gulf coast offers this?  You can start this off by purchasing your first drink of the night and the second one is on the house no matter what your choice of liquid courage is.  This also includes $5 pitcher of beer and $5 hot wings all night long off the employee menu.  Cha….Ching baby, where else should someone go to party for service industry night but other that Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill?

Calling all karaoke singers!  Did you know that Nate’s has karaoke on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights?  If you feel like partying and singing like the next American Idol, check out Nate’s and their amazing sound system.  Just maybe you can be the next gulf coast super star or in my case, receive free drinks from the wonderful patrons to keep you away from the microphone. 

Maybe live entertainment with a band is your thing.  Well guess what?  Nate’s has this as well.  Every Saturday night, there is a live band taking the stage at 10pm.  “You may not know the name of the band playing that night, but I will guarantee you that you will have a good time!” says Nate.  Some of the acts they will be featuring in August are: Heist at Hand from Houston, TX with Stereohype on August 2nd, Wes Loper Band on August 9th, Harry Slick (One of my favorites!) on August 16th, Easy Street on August 23rd, and Trick Bag Live on August 30th.  You just can’t go wrong with a line-up quite like this. 

Food is one of the greatest American pleasures we have and Nate has not let his patrons down in this pleasure by any means.  The grill is open all night serving some of the best local bar food around.  You can indulge yourself in such pleasures as a fried foot long hot dog loaded with all the fixins’, hot wings, crab claws, and the highly recommended Philly cheese steak.  The portions are more than enough for the blue collar worker or just to put back that hunger pain from partying the night away.  This high quality and reasonable prices is backed up by amazing customer service.  “Customer service is key in any service industry”; and after my night spent here, I can see that customer service is a number one priority.

If you are looking for a sports bar that is a step above the rest, be sure to check out Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill located at 11444 Hwy 49N in Gulfport, MS.  This bar is packed with quality entertainment, drink and food specials.  You never quite know what to expect when you visit Nate’s.  For more information, visit them on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/1teddybear2 .  (don’t ask me who teddybear2 is).  I highly recommend the philly with a combo platter. 

Marc Ramey