See the ‘hype’ about More Than Motion

More Than Motion
More Than Motion

by C. D. Harvill

Stereohype’s fifth, and debut full-length, studio album, More Than Motion, is loaded with hits. The title track, More Than Motion, as well as Loco Motive and No Heroes can be heard on the band’s MySpace page. Other tracks include Blackout, The One, Times Like These, and Stockholm.

In the past one of Stereohype’s hits was a drinking song and they didn’t let us down with this new album. More Than Motion is filled with drinking songs and references. If you have ever had a few too many drinks and found love in a bar Blackout is the song for you; and if you haven’t, its catchy chorus is still a lot of fun to sing along to.

The One starts off with very popular rock runs and then falls into full-on trumpets. No album is complete without at least one broken-hearted song, and although there are multiple on this album, The One will most definitely be a favorite with its “emo” lyrics, heavy rock drums and even a screamo line made original with the bands signature ska flair pumping the chorus.

Given that Stereohype’s genre is ska expect to hear various musical stylings intertwined throughout their songs. Times Like These starts off very reggae with blues overtones, but proves itself rock before the theatrical rap mid way through the song.

Showing the guy’s humor, Stockholm’s clever lyrics are a prime example of the cliché that a guitarist’s axe is his girl. Chase Thomes vocals, mixed with the guitars, drums and horn line, showcase a jazzy funk style that only a southern-bred band could pull off appropriately.

Every song on this album is high voltage, demanding you to get up and dance (or skank in ska terms). No matter the situation, More Than Motion has you covered; after listening to a song or two you’ll be driven to get out there and live life to your fullest. Despite your preferred genre or Stereohype’s unsigned status, this album is a must listen for 2009. The album’s May ninth release date, however, is now uncertain. A car ran a red light and struck guitarist, trumpet player and vocalist Nicholas Rohde on his motorcycle after the band’s victorious participation in a battle of the bands at the Hard Rock Casino.

Rohde is in good spirits. While having sustained serious injuries that may inhibit his ability to play and perform, he was wearing a helmet and padded riding jacket that may have helped save his life. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery and can return to what he does so well–making great music.

The driver who struck Rohde was uninsured, leaving Rohde with the burden of medical expenses, etc. If you are interested in donating to the Nic Rohde benefit you can either go in person to Hancock Bank and make a deposit to the credit of: BENEFIT FOR NICHOLAS ROHDE 044288920 or attend the benefit show at Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill on May 8th.

Stereohype’s Myspace Page

Together Tomorrow

Together Tomorrow
Together Tomorrow

It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to make it as a band in a small music scene. A band has to win over fans, conquered talent buyers at local venues, and strive to succeed at self-promotion. Because of the hard work, many local acts will disappear just as quickly as they hit the local market.

A local band that I feel that has a lot of promise to succeed and go far, is Together Tomorrow. With an album release already underway, Together Tomorrow started on the right track and they continue to improve as to further succeed as a band.

Together Tomorrow only consists of three members; Jesse Duncan on vocals, Masson Holland on drums, and Marcus Trebotich on bass. They have played a few shows in the local area and just recently places second place in a battle of the bands at Club La Villa in Panama City in which their performance will be featured on Panama City’s Got Talent at 9pm Saturday, November 1st.

Together Tomorrow recored a ten song album with well renowned producer, Mark Black . As Quick As You Can, is set to be released sometime this November. Their myspace sites states, “If you find yourself in a musical search for honest lyrics, moving melodies, and energetic live shows, you won’t have to look anymore once you have been turned on to the “power house trio” Together Tomorrow.” This statement pretty much sums them up.

Together Tomorrow just posted up their song, “If You Fail” on their myspace site. Go give it a listen, add them as a friend, and leave them some comments.

Together Tomorrow will be performing this Saturday at Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill in Gulfport will local ska heroes Stereohype. If you don’t have any plans, I’d make some now and check out these two amazing local talents.

GCB Picture updates

I’ve been lazy for quite some time now. It’s inherent in all of us. I finally decided to upload some long overdue pictures yesterday. I still have several more recent shows to upload as well. Anyway, check them out.

Falls From Grace – Uncrowned

Yeah, I’m way behind on uploading pictures. Anyway, here are some pictures of Falls From Grace and Uncrowned at Thunders Tavern on 4/5/08. Check them out.

Ko-lija at Sweet’s Lounge in Ocean Springs, MS

This was a great show by Matt and the gang. I also saw my first ever chicken shit contest this day. Sweet’s Lounge in Ocean Springs had some great cool people and some amazing crawfish this day. Check out the pics at the link below.

Gina Turner and Anthony Ainsworth at the Julep Room

Here are some pictures I took at the Julep Room at the beginning of this month. I had the pleasure of watching Gina Turner and Anthony Ainsworth perform this night. Andrea Rodgers even stopped by to celebrate her birthday so I had to snap a few shots.

Check out the pictures. It was a great night.

Adrenaline Tattoo Grand Opening

Here are some pictures of 13th Hour, CastorTroy, Stereohype, Aura at the Adrenaline Tattoo grand opening in Gulfport earlier this month. It was a great all ages show with a decent turn out. Hopefully, they will do this at least once a quarter there.

Brian Powers vs. The World at the Julep Room

Oh what a night, this was one badass Monday night at the Julep Room. I was playing around taking some pics of the band and cool Ocean Springs people having fun. Check out the pics, you may see someone you know.

Mutheroux at the Julep Room

Check out these great pics of Mutheroux at the Julep Room from a couple weeks ago. It was another great night of sweet music, cold beer, and great people at the Julep Room.