Soul Driven Goes Flat and Still Finishes First

Soul Driven
Soul Driven

by C. D. Harvill

The final preliminary of this year’s Big Stage Search was held April 10 at Thunders Tavern. The lineup included Cathercist, Dark Horizon and Soul Driven.

Cathercist took the stage first after a draw of straws. Taylor Roberts showed his precise guitar technique throughout his performance. On rhythm guitar, Brian Lowman, demonstrated a sophisticated approach to the chord melody. Connecting the drums and guitars, Ryan Doswell, kept it tight on bass.

As a stage band, Dark Horizon is vividly visual. Audience enjoyment was at a peak as they planted an inflatable killer whale and beach balls in the crowd to be tossed about. All members of the band put their all into the performance. While their stage show shined, as did their overall technique, musical originality was in short supply.

Finally, Soul Driven, originally known as High In The 80’s, took the stage. The ace band of the evening had a strong stage presence that the first two bands were without. It was shocking, however, that, for almost the entire set, they were out of tune, and lead vocalist Tim Wall was indeed flat. Matt Scott (lead guitar) apparently noticed and attempted to tune (between thrashing about the stage and making out with his girlfriend). Scott’s effort was to no avail, due to the rest of band remaining untuned.

After Soul Driven wrapped up their set, the judges’ sheets were tallied, and WCPR’s Special K announced the winner of the evening. Soul Driven will be the band from this preliminary moving on to the 17th Annual Coast Coliseum Crawfish Festival on April 23, where they will be competing with Uncrowned, Jane Doe’s Dead and Left Broken for the opening spot at CPR Fest 13.

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Pictures of Split 6 at Thunders Tavern 1/16/09

Last night was the reunion show of Split 6 at Thunders Tavern. It looks like these guys are going to be playing more shows in the future. If you are a Split 6 fan, be sure to check some of these future shows out. That wasn’t the only party going on, Tim Black and Chris Fayard were celebrating their birthdays while Special K was partying to his recent engagement.

You can check out the pictures from last night here.

GCB Picture updates

I’ve been lazy for quite some time now. It’s inherent in all of us. I finally decided to upload some long overdue pictures yesterday. I still have several more recent shows to upload as well. Anyway, check them out.

Falls From Grace – Uncrowned

Yeah, I’m way behind on uploading pictures. Anyway, here are some pictures of Falls From Grace and Uncrowned at Thunders Tavern on 4/5/08. Check them out.

Ko-lija at Sweet’s Lounge in Ocean Springs, MS

This was a great show by Matt and the gang. I also saw my first ever chicken shit contest this day. Sweet’s Lounge in Ocean Springs had some great cool people and some amazing crawfish this day. Check out the pics at the link below.

Gina Turner and Anthony Ainsworth at the Julep Room

Here are some pictures I took at the Julep Room at the beginning of this month. I had the pleasure of watching Gina Turner and Anthony Ainsworth perform this night. Andrea Rodgers even stopped by to celebrate her birthday so I had to snap a few shots.

Check out the pictures. It was a great night.

Adrenaline Tattoo Grand Opening

Here are some pictures of 13th Hour, CastorTroy, Stereohype, Aura at the Adrenaline Tattoo grand opening in Gulfport earlier this month. It was a great all ages show with a decent turn out. Hopefully, they will do this at least once a quarter there.

Brian Powers vs. The World at the Julep Room

Oh what a night, this was one badass Monday night at the Julep Room. I was playing around taking some pics of the band and cool Ocean Springs people having fun. Check out the pics, you may see someone you know.

Mutheroux at the Julep Room

Check out these great pics of Mutheroux at the Julep Room from a couple weeks ago. It was another great night of sweet music, cold beer, and great people at the Julep Room.

Thunder’s Tavern Welcomes Waitin’ On Jake

Thunder’s Tavern Welcomes Waitin’ On Jake

Jessica DePineuil

On Friday, August 7th, 2007, I made last-minute plans to catch Waitin’ On Jake at their first Thunder’s Tavern show. Days prior, I’d looked up the band’s Myspace page after Marc mentioned them coming to Pascagoula to play that weekend, and from the sound of the band’s music on their stand-alone player to the high energy easily displayed in their photos, I was eager to check them out.

I arrived at Thunder’s Tavern as Waitin’ on Jake were finishing their sound check. The first thing I noticed was the professionalism the band and crew demonstrated as they adjusted their sound with incredible diligence. What I didn’t expect from them was the volume intensity the sound check foretold. I was slightly hesitant about how loud they were, but being in a cheerful mood, I was forgiving and still anxious to see them start the show.

For a Friday night, the Tavern’s crowd was small, but the band assumed position on the stage with smiling faces, as if they were playing for hundreds. They introduced themselves and jumped right into their first set. I was taken aback at how clear and precise their covers were in both instrumentals and vocals. The guys of Waitin’ on Jake collectively bring forth a standout style of performance, and still every song they played was perfectly mastered. From modern rock chart-toppers such as Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” to Cameo’s “Word Up” hit from 1986, Waitin’ on Jake catered to every musical taste and gave us all songs to sing along to.

Front man Justin’s vocal power really made each song come alive, and with Ra’s strong drum performance, Dave’s vigorous guitar riffs, and Aubrey’s energetic bass lines, the band gave the crowd that night a reason to party. My previous apprehensiveness about the band’s volume had been drastically proven false. Waitin’ on Jake is one of the strongest, most energetic bands I’ve seen, and their intensity was very well complemented by powerful sound.

All in all, Waitin’ on Jake brought Thunder’s Tavern an exciting, electrifying experience. Thanks, guys, for putting on a true show for us, and please…

Play it LOUD!

From here, visit Waitin’ on Jake’s Myspace and the Waitin’ on Jake website . To view pictures from the show, click here.