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Together Tomorrow

Together Tomorrow

It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to make it as a band in a small music scene. A band has to win over fans, conquered talent buyers at local venues, and strive to succeed at self-promotion. Because of the hard work, many local acts will disappear just as quickly as they hit the local market.

A local band that I feel that has a lot of promise to succeed and go far, is Together Tomorrow. With an album release already underway, Together Tomorrow started on the right track and they continue to improve as to further succeed as a band.

Together Tomorrow only consists of three members; Jesse Duncan on vocals, Masson Holland on drums, and Marcus Trebotich on bass. They have played a few shows in the local area and just recently places second place in a battle of the bands at Club La Villa in Panama City in which their performance will be featured on Panama City’s Got Talent at 9pm Saturday, November 1st.

Together Tomorrow recored a ten song album with well renowned producer, Mark Black . As Quick As You Can, is set to be released sometime this November. Their myspace sites states, “If you find yourself in a musical search for honest lyrics, moving melodies, and energetic live shows, you won’t have to look anymore once you have been turned on to the “power house trio” Together Tomorrow.” This statement pretty much sums them up.

Together Tomorrow just posted up their song, “If You Fail” on their myspace site. Go give it a listen, add them as a friend, and leave them some comments.

Together Tomorrow will be performing this Saturday at Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill in Gulfport will local ska heroes Stereohype. If you don’t have any plans, I’d make some now and check out these two amazing local talents.

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