Bands – Licensing Opportunity

Calling all bands!!!

Are you in an indie or punk band? Would you like to have the exposure and licensing money that comes with placement on networks like MTV and VH1? Jingle Punks wants to get unsigned bands the exposure – and money – they deserve. They recently placed bands in MTV’s The Hills, Engaged & Underage, Johnny Knoxville’s Nitro Circus, Youtube live and are even responsible for licensing the theme song to FUSE’s Uranium.

After a successful test run in ’08, servicing clients such as VH1, MTV, CBS Sports and YouTube, Jingle Punks will be opening its database for wider submissions in ’09. Any and all bands who want to get their music on shows on MTV, VH1, FOX and Food Network will be encouraged to do so via the Jingle Punks web site (

The Jingle Punks database has become a music catalog of choice for show producers looking for music that is less like nameless and tuneless stock and more like original music created by original artists. This is a music company founded by indie punk aritsts that understand that there is a need for cool music in shows, and that bands need to make money in order to develop and create awareness.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding our company or would like a temporary login and password to check out the interface.