Music Saves Lives is offering bands a chance at reaching thousands of fans

In order to succeed as a band, promotion is essential. Music Saves Lives is offering bands a chance at reaching thousands of fans nationwide, saving lives along the way.

“Bands Save Lives” is a unique fundraising effort of MSL that gives bands the ability to do just this. Running from June 1st through November 15th, 2009, “Bands Save Lives” asks you, the musicians, to employ your talent and lead supporters in saving lives. We ask that each band contribute a minimum of $2,000, and in return, we offer you promotional benefits which include the following:

-Top contributing artist will receive: $250 shopping spree from Ernie Ball, 20 cases of Monster Energy Drink, a dedicated email with band info to industry professionals among other things.
-One song from 12 qualifying bands will be placed on a download card compilation. Up to 3 National Artist’s songs will be added and 10,000 download cards will be distributed on a national 2010 spring tour.
-A full page add will be placed in a national magazine in the spring of 2010 promoting the entire program series with the bands name, image and contact info.
-Information promoting bands will be displayed on the MSL Twitter, Kyte TV, Myspace and Facebook accounts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to reach thousands of new fans across the nation and save lives. “Bands Save Lives” can propel your music careers into the hands of fans across the nation. Will your band help with our life saving efforts? If you want access to this invaluable cause, contact us right away. Get your band’s name out there now, save lives, this is your chance!

If interested or if you need more details, email

Download Fly Upright Kite’s “Lay Still”

Download Fly Upright Kite’s song, “Lay Still,” right here. Weightless is available for purchase now.

MTV To Launch New Track Upload Program For ‘Rock Band’

Read about it here from Billboard.

That’s about to change. Later this year, MTV plans to launch a groundbreaking initiative called the Rock Band Network that will enable any artist-unsigned emerging act, indie cult fave or major-label superstar-to submit songs for possible inclusion in the game.

The Rock Band Network recently started a closed beta trial, which MTV expects to expand to a public beta test in August. The company hopes to open the Rock Band Network store before year’s end. Songs available through the new store, which will remain separate from the existing “Rock Band” store, will be initially available for download to users of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console. MTV expects to eventually make the popular tracks available for use on the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii game systems.

“We’ve figured out how to make it so anybody who owns and controls masters and publishing can put music into [“Rock Band”] at their own pace,” says MTV Games senior VP of electronic games and music Paul DeGooyer. “We’re talking about a set of serious professional tools to allow people on the front line of writing and recording songs to completely control their destiny with respect to interactive products and then giving them direct access to the download store.”

Wow, maybe we will get some awesome tracks from the plethora of amazing bands that we have on the gulf coast. I hope to rock out to Aura aka Joshua Sun with a little 13th Hour in the near future.

6/17 – Falls From Grace CD Release party tonight at Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill


Falls From Grace will be hosting their release party for Pleasure and Pain tonight at Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill on Hwy 49 in Gulfport. If for some reason you can’t make this show, be sure to pick up their cd from CD Baby. Also playing tonight are Jane Doe’s Dead and Pandemic. It’s three great bands for only $5 bucks, so check it out. It’s nice to see a local band have their CD release party locally.

Falls From Grace Myspace
Pandemic Mysapce
Jane Doe’s Dead Myspace

Pure Blooded Entertainment

by C. D. Harvill


In the heart of the New Orleans ghetto, an industrial- electro metal show headlining a said musical genius took place this past Friday night. Combichrist, kicked off Demons on Tour, their sixth US outing, on a billing that included Julien K, Aesthetic Perfection, and Ego Likeness at The Hangar on South Rendon.

Upon approaching the building one could easily spot the makings of an appropriate crowd. Fans and overall members of the scene were clad in fishnets, dreads, combat boots, capes, and the almost compulsory black.

Once inside The Hangar Combichrist’s tour manager led me backstage (or outside and upstairs to a hotel room in what was once Rendon Inn) where I met with the brain behind Combichrist, Andy LaPlegua.

After playing in other metal bands Andy decided metal’s sound needed more experimentation, so he birthed Combichrist. His sound pulls from electro, house, metal, industrial, and punk. The result is a juggernaut that defies simple description. In order to stay fresh, he shared with me, he avoids listening to any music that has the same style as he. He’ll listen to the basic electronica, metal, punk, etc., but nothing that has the same experimental roots that he excels so strongly in.

Being so innovative, the average radio station would never grace its listeners’ ears with Combichrist, but Andy isn’t concerned with Combichrist getting airplay as long as what he’s doing works. “If that were my goal I would do hip hop or something, my personal goal isn’t to get my music played on the radio or be on the top of the sales charts; if it were then I’d be doing something different” Although he did admit that “if it gets to that point that’s awesome, obviously¬¬–if we still had our musical integrity in tact…I’m never gonna jeopardize my integrity, my art form just, to get airplay.”

As a vital organ in this unique body of music Andy LaPlegue is obviously a passionate individual and it shows in many aspects of his life. From his love of animals to the creation and presentation of his music, his fervent personality shows.

Having come from a family of hunters in his native Norway, Andy is displeased that because of the over-processed foods being bought in supermarkets and fast food restaurants people have become disconnected with where their food originates. He has always had a love of animals and especially frowns upon dog fighting. Andy has spoken out through PETA and while on this tour is giving fans a chance to spend the day with Combichrist. The catch is you buy a VIP package, for which a portion of the profit will be donated to PETA.

Hearing so much about Combichrist’s theatrical performances I was excited to be invited back to get ready for the show with the band. Part of the agreement, however, was that I sport full onstage makeup, which stand-up percussionist Trevor, so eagerly reminded me of as he and Z_Marr, the keyboardist, began applying a black line stretching from my hairline down my nose to my cleavage along with strategically placed blood across my mouth, chest, and finally the infamous bleeding ears.

After everyone’s makeup was complete, the guys relaxed listening to music before their set where you saw the transformation complete. The laid back, fun group of guys backstage became intense entertainers displaying the true definition of a rock show backed with pulsating catchy electronic beats.

Although Combichrist has played their fair share of sold out concerts this event didn’t draw quite as large a crowd. Even with that in mind the band put their all into the performance. Delivering a set well worth driving into the ghetto to experience.

Every second of Combichrist’s presence on stage had an electric current keeping the room hot with the lust for more. Each member of the live band was a power animal daring the audience, whether fans of the band and/or genre, not to remember the show above all others. A Combichrist concert is a form of self-discovery far outweighing the cost of a ticket or commute. So check out their tour dates and make sure you’re up front and center at their next closet venue.


New Reality TV Series Seeks Hip-Hop Artists

Aspiring music artists interested in becoming a part of the new reality series, The Kings of Rap, starring hip hop legend and 2009 Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee Darryl “DMC” McDaniels can now submit their demo via the show’s website Demos may also be sent directly to the following address: IME Entertainment, 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 342, Studio City, CA 91604. The series, which is in development, is a positive-themed hip hop competition, and will offer aspiring musicians the chance to earn a record deal. Young hip hop artists must create music that anyone can listen to without being offended. Their music cannot glorify violence, degrade women or include the use of profanity. The show will be shot at various locations in and around New York City.

Nashville Ad Campaign Needs Artists

Vietti Vinyl has launched its 2009 campaign to promote emerging and established musical talent through collectible product labels and other grassroots marketing initiatives. In 2007/2008, the Vietti brand featured musical entertainers such as The Grascals, the Warren Brothers, Heartland, Restless Heart, and Nashville Star winner Chris Young. Vietti produces 150,000 to 200,000 cans of chili per label run and with distribution in more than 30 states. All artists and bands wishing to be considered for this campaign should submit a press kit and music sample to: Vietti Vinyl Music Program, P.O. Box 23015, Nashville, TN 37202 or phone 615-777-6995 ext. 30 for more information.

Soilent Green Records ‘Squidbillies’ Theme Song


New Orleans, Louisiana’s sons of Southern grindcore Soilent Green have recorded the opening theme song to “Squidbillies”, an animated television series about a family of anthropomorphic hillbilly squids — the Cuyler family — that lives in indigence in the Appalachian region of North Georgia’s mountains. The show’s fourth season kicked off on May 17 on Adult Swim.

Vocalist Ben Falgoust comments: “‘Squidbillies’ is the best cartoon…excuse me…show on TV/Internet/cable around! I felt that way before we did the theme tracks, and I feel even stronger about it since I’ve seen the new episodes, despite our involvement with the program, of course.

“It was an awesome and strange experience to track these theme songs for the ‘Squidbillies’. It was pretty shocking when were contacted by them to be involved with this project. I give credit to the rest of the guys in the band for pulling it off from a strange but fun perspective in incorporating Soilent Green’s style into the theme song for the show.”

New episodes of “Squidbillies” air Sunday nights at midnight.

Major Label Seeks Pop/Rock Christian A&R Scouts

If you are a college student who enjoys Christian pop/rock music and are interested in an unpaid internship with a major label, please contact Jay or Andrew at Those interested in this position should have their ear to the ground in the Christian music scene, be available for a weekly conference call, have the ability to upload music to an FTP server (set up by the label), and free time to see shows. The internship can be performed from anywhere in the United States.

The Shed featured on Live with Regis and Kelly this Friday

The Shed
The Shed

The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint’s pulled pork sandwich recipe has qualified for the quarter finals in the “Ultimate Hometown Grill Off” on Live with Regis and Kelly. This Friday, June 12th a clip of a one minute video with Brad and Brooke asking America to go to Regis and Kelly’s official website and vote for them.

The full video will run on the site plus four other restaurant’s will be competing. If they win this round they will fly to New York and will be on the show preparing the recipe live on the 18th. Please help us get the word out to the public to vote for The Shed!

Thank you

Things happening this weekend

There seems to be a lot of great things going on this weekend. My weekend starts tonight so here we go:

Thursday 28, May

Zync – sfcLive show hosted at the Julep Room. First metal band to ever play the Julep.
13th Hour – Thunders Tavern
Subtle Shot, Stereoside, Lynam, Joan Red – Guitars and Caddillacs
Saliva, Falls From Grace, Pandemic, Touching the Absolute – Northshore Harbor Center
muskrat hannah, your coat my hat, too far from amsterdam – The Alabama Music Box
Abstract Artimus, Fist Full of Fingers – The Celtic

Friday 29, May

Rhythm & Rain – Paradise Bar n Grill
Jane Doe’s Dead, Falls From Grace, -Thunders Tavern
Pine Creek Shit Kickers, Rooster Blues – Government Street Grocery
Anthony Ainsworth – The Julep Room
Better Than Ezra CD Release Party – The House of Blues
Class War, Attic Ted, HIbachi Stranglers, Modern Convenience – Alabama Music Box
Achachay, Muskrat Hannah – The Celtic

Saturday 30, May

Rhythm & Rain, Eric Porsche Music – Paradise Bar n Grill
Jane Doe’s Dead, Falls From Grace, Saturate – Nicks Place
19th Street Red – The Mosaic
Aura, Falls From Grace, Stereohype – The Continental
Left Broken, The 13th Hour – The Inferno
Better Than Ezra CD Release Party – The House of Blues
The Virgins, Lissy Trulli – Alabama Music Box
Wes Louper – Nate’s Sports Bar and Grill
Contradictions of Normality, A New Light, Dancing Peasants – The Celtic