Marc’s Meet & Greet Was Sweet!

Marc’s Meet & Greet Was Sweet!
by Jimbo Sage

Thanks to everyone that came out under a beautiful blue sky Sunday to exchange positive vibes, share fellowship and love of music at the “First Ever Meet and Greet” for! Twenty five musicians representing nine great bands performed free of charge to raise money for a local little boy that died unexpectedly after eating a grape that became lodged into his windpipe. The boy Jonathan Batisse was only three years old and suffered from a cogenital defect that prevented him from eating normally. Jonathan was nourished through a stomach tube because the flap that covers his windpipe did not function properly and allowed a grape that he snuck into his mouth to be inhaled into his lungs. He suffocated and died. An account in his name was established at Keesler Credit Union and all money will go to his grieving mother to help cover burial expenses. A larger than expected crowd of music lovers, supporters, performers, and all around groovy good peoples showed up to provide support for this worthy cause. Bands donated free merchandise in addition to their time and music to help raise money, and one generous fan auctioned off his funky cool’ol’ felt Fedora hat right from the top of his funky cool’ol’ head. Got a hundred bucks for it! The music started with two bands from Hattiesburg (hey what a segue from Fedora hats too Hattiesburg) with HillCrest and C4 setting the groove bar quite high and getting some foottime from Mr Jim the Dancing Man, (see photos). In between these two rockin bands sets, Adam from the popular Too Far Gone, banged it out on a solo acoustic guitar (built buy CA right here in MS) proving the power of six strings and a voice are all thats required to lift the soul. I (Jimbo Sage) went up next and was accompanied by Butch on Bass and Charlie on Harp, had a great time and with Sam and Bert with “Magic Music DJ” providing an incredible sound system my Salad Bowl sounded as huge as the Hollywood Bowl! Thanks ya’all for singing “Mission Temple Fireworks Stand” with me! Next up, the greenglowinthedark guitar, percussion powder and low slung bad ass bass of Daliesque! Class act fella’s and shirly! Thanks for “Sedated”, always takes me back thinkin of my crazy aunt Donna and the visitations! The sun was down and the lights went up on a Sunday evening for this Friday night guy, David Lynn of the Friday Night Gigilos rocked and mocked on solo acoustic guitar. David your funtime is on time, and we all love your swagger and your smile! Completely original and sincere (as well as frigging intense) was the ghoula’s own Troubleshoot. You guys totally rocked and have a great friend in Marc, believe in him as well,and keep it up! (Jimbo wants to see your studio!) Mark Rogers a fresh face here on the coast cut some acoustic guittime till the headliner act was ready. Lookin forward till the next time Mark, come out next Sunday, I’ll hook ya up! Finally the “one” band that gets my and everyone’s complete love and admiration for believing and living the “cause”, Split6! Old school rock may be makin a comeback but I, (Jimbo Sage) lived it, and you all take me back; thanks for such a great spectacle and soundprint! Lookin forward to a whole evening of your exuberant performance,………Hey wait… whats this in my shirt pocket, no not that,…er.uh…what’s this? An invitation to The Edge? Friday night? To see Split6 in Gulfport and be a part of their DVD recording party! Hey I’ll be there!…….. Well getting back to the “day that was”, we can all feel a little bit lighter, knowing that our mutual love and regard for goodness will get us all through this day and the next! P.O.P.E.

Thank you Linda O for believing!
Jimbo Sage

Analog Missionary Review

Analog Missionary
By Marc Ramey

The ethereal music of Analog Missionary portrays the ectophilic (a wide subgenre of music featuring predominantly female vocals–) influences of this ambient-progressive, art-rock style band. The band consists of Anstrom, Tony, Kevin, and Mark. This band crosses a wide variety of genres throughout their music. Sometimes they can be calm and mind-blowing while pulling off a deceitfully earth-shattering, unpredictable style that leaves the listener begging for more.

Anstrom’s powerful voice can lead the imagination into a journey on one of her body language-based stage performances. One eye catching aspect of this singer is that she also plays a theremin. The theremin contributes to Analog Missionary’s unusual and often encircling sounds that grab the attention of their fans. Package her voice with the meshing feel of Tony’s magical surrounding transitions of the keyboard, and you have another portrayal of their unique sound along the Gulf Coast.

Tony plays both the keyboard and bass. Tony wields himself with quite an arsenal when it comes to his playing abilities. One of Tony’s focuses is his creative playing style on the Chapman Stick. This “stick” is a 12-string instrument that is played by tapping the strings with both hands. He uses his abilities with this Chapman Stick to simultaneously play bass lines, lead melodies, chords, and rhythm parts. He utilizes it in conjunction with bass guitar, keyboards, and bass peddles to produce a real presence in each song and to keep it fresh for those listening. His playing style is very adept while he adds his own unique touch to the ambient-progressive style of Analog Missionary.

Kevin seems to quietly sit back and deliver his powerful performance on guitar. While layering his style into their sound, Kevin is constantly complementing the tone and mood of the particular piece he is working on rather than trying to impose riffs and licks within the piece. Kevin looks for a subdued way to support the flow of the piece while adding his rhythmic and lethal style into their ambient-progressive sound.

Mark’s diverse playing style on drums kicks off the psychedelic feel which leads into a powerful transition of all band members. These transitions combined will give you that deceitfully earth-shattering, unpredictable style that will have you asking for a cd at the end of their show.

Analog Missionary has two great cd’s that you can purchase from Transmitter and Voyage of the Demeter are some of the best examples of ambient-progressive style music. Both cd’s are self released at their own Mars Hill Recording studio. If you are an aspiring artist looking for a studio, this is one to check out. You can get more information on this studio at

Overall, Analog Missionary has developed a unique sound here on the Gulf Coast. Their ambient-progressive style is considered by many fans in the area to be one of the best kept secrets here on the coast. Analog Missionary will not be a secret for long as they are setting the stage for more fans to join the masses of this unpredictable style of ethereal music.