Aura posts “A Little Goes A Long Way” Acoustic Video

Here is an acoustic version of “A Little Goes A Long Way” that Aura has set to record this month. It’s a work in progress. Check it out and leave some comments for the guys.

4 thoughts on “Aura posts “A Little Goes A Long Way” Acoustic Video”

  1. This is the old J-sun lineup right? This song was complete cliche’ garbage. I think as a bar band you guys are fine. But in the national act you guys don’t stand a chance. You might get lucky and get on an indi label and open up for someone. But the dream of a hit record will never happen. Get out of the boundries you build up of what’s cool and what you think people like, and present a little freedom in your song writting. look at 3DD, they made it cause they wrote a silly ass song about superman, and all there hits have that kind of hook. Ya’ll don’t. I seen J-sun a dozen times and couldn’t even tell you one lyric from any song. That’s bad. People just want something they can sing along with. Not some whinning ass pussy shit like this song was. Truthfully you guys suck. Good Luck.

  2. Maybe a little does go a long way, but this song’s going no where fast. You guys have been trying for years and i guess you changed the name for a fresh start. How about changing your style to something that doesn’t suck. It’s so ’98. I’m sure people only say good stuff to your face, but trust me if you were really good, you would have already made it.

  3. I like this song as an acoustic, but i still like the original way better.. I really like Aura’s sound. Apparently the guys above have no knowledge of this band like they claim. Joshua Sun had a different singer and drummer. Therefore, it’s not the same band at all. For instance, Cory Taylor and James Root are in Slipknot and Stone Sour and they are nothing alike… You should also learn what ‘acoustic’ means.
    But keep up the good work guys.. Every good band is always going to have it’s dumb ass critics who probably don’t know a thing about music anyway.

    The Heavy Hitta

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