CPRfest 13 Lineup announced


CPRfest 13 hosted by 97.9 WCPR will take place June 26th at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. The bands playing this show are:

Jane Doe’s Dead
7 Day Binge
(Hed) PE
Drowning Pool
3 Doors Down

What do you think of this line up?

7 thoughts on “CPRfest 13 Lineup announced”

  1. I swear whoever is doing their booking needs to get fired! they used to have some rockin line ups but over the years it has gotten shorter and now it seems like they aren’t even trying anymore. Candlebox? I mean come on man! and how many times can Hinder play around here in one year? I do like 3DD but headliners? I used to watch them in bars around here. I may be out of the loop here but I haven’t heard anything from Drowning pool in forever…and head pe…what did they have like 1 song? I guess I will hold out for bayfest…two years ago I saw Velvet revoler and alice in chains there….and cpr had? Saliva headlining…twice….listen to Tk101.5 people it’s a much better station

  2. Not very excited about the lineup this year. I’ve seen Hinder like 4 times in the past 6 months – will they ever go away??? Although 3DD is awesome, I’m sorry but this year I’m saving my money for a better show. =(

  3. The lineup does suck, like always. But I’m going just for HED PE! They freakin’ rock!!! Mark my words everybody, HED will have the biggest crowd (of real rockers)! I cant wait to see them!!!

  4. Quit whining!!!! Do you realize we are in a recession! Oh forgot you’ll never had jobs anyway! Go clean up the oil or something jobless IDIOTS!!!!

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