Jane Doe’s Dead: Dead Ringer For Big Stage Search

by C. D. Harvill

With nearly 7,000 people, the 17th Annual Crawfish Festival set a new attendance record Thursday night, surpassing the previous record that had been set the prior Thursday. There was an odd lineup for the Budweiser Big Stage Search competition with Uncrowned opening the show. Uncrowned put on a seemingly great performance, as expected. However, they lacked the enthusiasm displayed by the other three bands.

Following Uncrowned was Jane Doe’s Dead. Since their first performance in the Big Stage Search competition, the newly-together band had already improved. Front man Josh Gillie was definitely more fluid with his movements while working the crowd. The band as a whole was on top with full-on energy.

Despite looking like completely random, average people off the street, Left Broken played a good show. Their hearts were in the performance and the music was enjoyable even with the distraction of lead singer, Dean’s, limp wrist.

Taking the stage somewhat weakly, Soul Driven picked up vigor. Mid-set the band sounded the best of the evening. At that point, in the middle of a fun, crowd-pumping song, lead singer Tim Wall opted for introducing the band members. When they should’ve come back together to finish the song they fell apart. Before the set was over they managed to recompose themselves and put on a worthy performance.

Jane Doe’s Dead was declared, rightfully so, the winner of the competition. They went up against Lookin 4 Juice on WCPR’s Pick it or Flick it and won by more than a few votes. Jane Doe’s Dead will be the opening band of at CPR Fest 13.

3 thoughts on “Jane Doe’s Dead: Dead Ringer For Big Stage Search”

  1. Jane Doe’s Dead were contagiously energetic and sounded great! The instrumental solos were right on and the entire band easily drew the crowd into the action. The talent here is obvious, but not everyone can pull off the ‘entertainment’ portion. Looking forward to seeing them at CPR fest.

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