Soul Driven Goes Flat and Still Finishes First

Soul Driven
Soul Driven

by C. D. Harvill

The final preliminary of this year’s Big Stage Search was held April 10 at Thunders Tavern. The lineup included Cathercist, Dark Horizon and Soul Driven.

Cathercist took the stage first after a draw of straws. Taylor Roberts showed his precise guitar technique throughout his performance. On rhythm guitar, Brian Lowman, demonstrated a sophisticated approach to the chord melody. Connecting the drums and guitars, Ryan Doswell, kept it tight on bass.

As a stage band, Dark Horizon is vividly visual. Audience enjoyment was at a peak as they planted an inflatable killer whale and beach balls in the crowd to be tossed about. All members of the band put their all into the performance. While their stage show shined, as did their overall technique, musical originality was in short supply.

Finally, Soul Driven, originally known as High In The 80’s, took the stage. The ace band of the evening had a strong stage presence that the first two bands were without. It was shocking, however, that, for almost the entire set, they were out of tune, and lead vocalist Tim Wall was indeed flat. Matt Scott (lead guitar) apparently noticed and attempted to tune (between thrashing about the stage and making out with his girlfriend). Scott’s effort was to no avail, due to the rest of band remaining untuned.

After Soul Driven wrapped up their set, the judges’ sheets were tallied, and WCPR’s Special K announced the winner of the evening. Soul Driven will be the band from this preliminary moving on to the 17th Annual Coast Coliseum Crawfish Festival on April 23, where they will be competing with Uncrowned, Jane Doe’s Dead and Left Broken for the opening spot at CPR Fest 13.

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23 thoughts on “Soul Driven Goes Flat and Still Finishes First”

  1. And there you have it. Good-looking, high energy, performance-orientated, tone-deaf musicians WINS IT BY A NOSE!!!!!!,,,, certainly not by an ear, according to C. D. Harvill anyway. God I love this country.

  2. Well I will say part of this article untrue. No stage presence from the first two bands? Are you kidding me……….Yeah I’m in cathercist and play lead guitar. We moved around a whole fucking lot, hell i was in the crowd for a couple of songs and passed out after we got off stage. Just because none of us ran to the bathroom like matt did (haha) doesnt mean we didnt have stage presence.

    And dark horizon, no stage presence from them?………..dude….. you’ve gotta be joking. Those dudes threw the fuck down and were all over the place and rockin the house.

    No offense meant. Even members of soul driven agree and have been discussing it with me. It was a great night, ALL bands threw down and played well. It was a good night and everyone put on an energetic show.

    p.s. i was the only one doing guitar spins 😀 ya

  3. Without stage monitors working and pushing through with the Flu… I think Tim Wall from the band Soul Driven made up for it by awesome stage performance!

  4. Just listen to their myspace at’s apparently he can sing. Something had to be wrong with the monitors! Or with C.D. Harcill’s ears. Maybe his ears were blown from the first two extremely loud performances!

  5. Soul Driven’s myspace music is good…so maybe they need to listen to their recording studio tracks. They were flat, and more than one person thought so.
    Just because you MOVE on stage is no indication of charisma or presences… any sophmoric teen band can thrash around on stage and NOT play their guitars hoping to be cool. Music should be about SOUND….and soul driven sounds great on tape….whether that carries to their stage show is yet to be seen.As for Cathercist Taylor can play guitar, he isn’t very original in the ‘licks and runs department’ but he can play well. I didn’t feel that CDH calling him percise was an insult…so wheres the smudge? Dark Horizon DID put on a good show…the review says that…original sounding music was the only issue and actually I would have to agree. Good luck to Soul Driven…tune up dudes!

  6. “As a stage band, Dark Horizon is vividly visual. Audience enjoyment was at a peak as they planted an inflatable killer whale and beach balls in the crowd to be tossed about. All members of the band put their all into the performance. While their stage show shined, as did their overall technique, musical originality was in short supply.”

    I definintely pointed out that Dark Horizon put on an incredible show.

    I was complimentary of Cathercist.

    I will say that I was looking forward to seeing Soul Driven live after hearing their music on myspace, however, as someone who has grown up around musicians I know that what you do in a studio and what you do in a live performance are two different things. Fact is I was not the only person that night who said they were out of tune. I wrote a review about one show in specific and at that show they were flat. A few sources have told me that at previous shows they did a better job, but I am writing as an observer. What good would a review be if I wrote that you all did a terrific job at everything?

  7. Waaa you dudes are so fragmented that you can’t see the stage for all the smoke. Critique is suppose to be subjective. Haville is just calling it as he see it and you woosie musicians like Tay tay are always defensive. Get a real job or learn to take the critique as it comes. I for one play guitar and if the band can’t even tune their axes thats pitiful. No wonder the guy was singing flat, it just means he was going with the flow…at least he can sing which is more than I can say for Catharcist lead singer, who was so bummed out by the band or so tired that all he did was lean on the mic. Grow up or give it up.

  8. Ah well if people aren’t talking shit then i guess none of us would be that good anyhow. So hey roll with it. I guess I’m so woosie that I’m actually out there doing stuff, oh btw harville isn’t a dude 😉 I never said performance wise was insulted by any means. and really how can you truly be original anymore these days with “licks” “runs” and “riffs”. Truthfully if Sabbath wanted to they could sue almost everyone in the game. So hey music is music be there to enjoy it.

    p.s. zinc why don’t you get out there and do it yourself on a stage thats 100 degrees 😀 oh yeah and its CATHERCIST sweetheart not catharcist. I wasn’t being defensive just pointing out that members from my band and soul driven thought that the part about stage presence wasn’t the most accurate. but criticism is a good thing and its something to learn from. I believe each band functioned as a pretty good unit and did well.

    I wasn’t insulting anyone with my comment nor was i trying, just putting in a bit of a point of view that i share and that was shared with me. thats all. no drama now kids. i dont wanna have to ask for a hall pass if it gets too elementary 🙂

  9. wow, sounds like crap is getting started over a show that went smoothly.. someone has to win, someone has to lose. Taylor, or “tay tay” as you called him, was not being defensive, he was telling the truth his band kicked butt on stage. They all put EVERYTHING they had into it. And as far as Soul Driven, yes Tim was off and no he didn’t do his best, but I know, for a fact that both guitarists use tuner pedals… so should they sue the companies?? It just isn’t fair to say the whole band was out of tune all night, and only Matt did something about it. I noticed each band member tune between songs, so they all apparently knew they were having tuning issues and attempted to correct them 🙂 I was right by the stage and I couldn’t hear everything clearly, maybe it sounded worse out from the stage…who knows. But I know that Cathercist, Dark Horizon had just as strong of a stage presence as Soul Driven, if not stronger. It definitely wasn’t Soul Driven’s best night…they usually do much better sound wise, but as far as entertainment, they did well(just like Cathercist and Dark Horizon)

  10. I thought it was the most ALIVE competition of the whole Stage Search series. Every band brought their A-game out. I almost fell asleep at the other competitions. It seems like these 3 bands have been out about the same length of time which is pretty fair to me. It was a fun night to be out listening to music. The review speaks for itself, roll with it and make em applaude you the next go around. The fans will always stand behind their faves, out of tune, lean on mic, death by kiiler whale…so it doesn’t matter! We will all be there supporting the next group of competitions at the Crawfish Festival AND we will all be there to scream for the band that plays at the coliseum. I could go on and on about it, I just think it is a fun time in local music, more bands are paying attention to other bands, new friends, networking for new gigs, inflatable killer whale arrests are up…seriously the security guard looked like he was escorting the whale out of Thunder’s…that was so cool!

  11. indeed indeed 😀 It was a great night everyone left happy and heads held high. Im proud to have shared the stage with all my buds, i congratulate soul driven as well as dark horizon. thunders got fucked! haha good times good times 🙂 music rocks dude!

  12. I am Kevin from Soul Driven all me and Taylor was tring to do is point out things we did not agree with and give our prespective on the show. the article seems hypocritical. For instance.

    “As a stage band, Dark Horizon is vividly visual. Audience enjoyment was at a peak as they planted an inflatable killer whale and beach balls in the crowd to be tossed about. All members of the band put their all into the performance. While their stage show shined, as did their overall technique, musical originality was in short supply.”

    “Finally, Soul Driven, originally known as High In The 80’s, took the stage. The ace band of the evening had a strong stage presence that the first two bands were without. ”

    I not sure what stage presence is defind as but seems like none of the bands lacked it to me. maybe C D wrote that to have something good to say about us. I just thought it was a poor writen article. But I must be wrong it got ppl to read it and respond that is what ppl write for.
    Anyways come out the 23rd see what you think of us I do not have a prob with critism and thanks for letting us know we need to tighten up.

  13. Sorry abt the spelling I think it is funny I say something is poor writen and can’t spell or write something myself.C D hope I did not offend you. That was not the purpose. Just think our paragraph was not wrote well. I do not mind the flat in out of tune part. But to make it seem like only one member seemed to care. Was a poor observation but that is ok. The statement i pointed out before is what i did not understand. But who gives a crap I don’t want to seem like i am pouting. I think it got ppl talking which is good. Will just take this and use it to make us better. Tuning problems can be fixed.

    PS. C D Keep writting and posting on the site Bands need Someone to do this To keep ppl talking abt them.

  14. O and also thank you for the good things you said C D. I got carried with the negative stuff You did say something good abt every band also. O and for everyone going to our page and listen to us We appreciate it and glad yall like it.

  15. Hello Fellas – Tim Wall here with Soul Driven.. man I feel like a victim of internet bullying… lol Someone told me about this article. I was told to go to this site and read. OK here is my response…
    I sucked Friday night! No excuses. I guess i was a little nervous after hearing the first two bands play outstanding shows. Plus downing 4 Redbulls before waiting to go on had me a little short of breath. I though i was going to pass out at one point. And i had the nervous shits all day! lol I was really dehydrated if you know what I mean. I appreciate everyones comments and most are true. My hats off to the other two bands… they sounded great and their stage performance was kick ass. Hopefully Crawfish will be a better night for us. We are a pretty new band (1year 3months) and we are learning alot along the way. The hardest part of The Battle of the Bands is declaring a winner because everyone works so hard. I know Uncrowned, Jane Does Dead and Left Broken are really going to bring it on.. And mark my words, who ever wins, I will be right there shaking there hands and congratulating them just like Dark Horizon and Cathercist did to us. -peace out! and go easy on my vocals… bad night lol

  16. Dude! I just noticed this story has gotten lots of attention my friend. No comments on any other stories but 14 about this one. Wow! Must have been some hell of a show! I was so close to going that night but was sure Cathercist would have won. I never heard of the other two bands. Soul Driven would def have to be the underdogs going into this final competition. Just one question about this article. If they were that bad and still won then the other bands really had to suck that night. lol right? I know three judges really paying attention to each individual performance cant all be that off. Maybe this story is a little whop sided and someone is upset because their favorite band didn’t win………. 🙁 All i can say is that i am def gonna be there at Crawfish and see for myself. Good luck to all the bands and especially the very ever so popluar rising band from nowhere=====SOUL DRIVEN=====

  17. Well said Tim, that is why you are the front man, and I play guitar. You are better with words than I am. But that is what I was trying to say. 🙂

  18. Cathercist was the best band there, the other bands were rockin but Harvill nailed the problems. I read most of these comments and its weird and wrong that you think -stage presence- and -stage show- are the same thing. They are not and anyone who has done a bit of theater can tell you they are not. A stage show is your pre concieved movements, as in : where you will move to for a solo or the killer whale throw, how the your lead guitar is going to move so you don’t bump into one another or say Taylor jumping off stage to mingle. Stage presence, however, is your pesonal charisma- how you respond emotionally and musically with the boundaries of your stage show. In fact I would say some people have great stage presence and lousy musicianship, its kind of like being drawn to someones aura (I can’t think of a better word) Britney Spears (who is weird as they get) has got presence, everyone watches her and its not just cause shes hot. Hell there are better looking women than her but she takes the stage and you are watching. Axl Rose has it. Brad Arnold, Creepy Michael Jackson has it. Mick Jagger has it. Its this crazy thing that some people have. You need to note that CD said Stage Band for dark horizons, and dudes thats the key word. Some band are stage bands – they light up electric glow in the dark stuff, throw whales, cause explosions, and all that is outside of playing music AND its fun but not everyone wants to do that shit. Some bands make it on presence and -music- and thats it. Cathercist should have won and I want to say that their singer does need to do something besides hang on the microphone if he wants to create some mood. It would be great for another local band to make a mark on the world.

  19. Wow I think it is awesome we got this many ppl talking abt our show. You know I have can not say this article was a bad thing at all. Got ppl listen to our myspace and coming out to just see how we do at the Crawfish Festival. And Lets us know what we got to do to do better at crawfish. And thanks Rob that does kinda make sense I was looking at a diff perspective. But I will not argue Cathercist was a better strong band and could have easily won that night. It is all good though Taylor gets to go watch Lamb of God And everyone is happy. We just got to try to redeem our name. Thanks again C D would have never guess this would have generated this much talk Abt us,

  20. man I can not type. It should have been…..
    You know i can not say this article was a bad thing


    Cathercist was a very strong band and could have easily won….

  21. I would have to say I do not like pre concieved movements. Rock and Roll is not Theatre and please don’t compare it to that. This is about feeling and living in the moment. I like it when they move around like Soul Driven did and you never know what to expect from each show you go to. That’s the way it should be. How boring and reputicious would it be if they did the same damn thing on every part of the song. Why you guys keep kicking a dead horse. It’s over and Soul Driven won. Everybody has an opinion but it’s the judges that count. Now any predictions on the winner for this Thurday night? I’m going with Uncrowned.

  22. I love reading so many different opinions about music. This is why I love playing music. I love that I don’t have to do what the next guy is doing. I can be original, and I can seek as much success as I desire…And if it happens to raise a few eyebrows along the way, where’s the problem….??? (-;

  23. This is Clint from Cathercist Thanks for all the comments everyone has their own opinions and is free to speak their minds but I just wanna say something I try every show to do better every time sometimes I can sometimes I can’t I have health problems Vertigo and High Blood Presser it’s not easy for me to move around like everyone else I wish I could BUT I try to put on the best show that I can I try to sing & scream the best I can at that time and I’ve pushed myself to the point of passing out before at Thunders I just want to write and sing songs for you and the rest of the world I want people to be able to take what they feel from my music and know that they are not alone I get messages from people all over the world telling me how my songs make them feel better and that’s what makes me push harder and harder I’m trying to get better trying to find the right meds….Thanks…….TheVoiceOfCathercist

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