WeatherStar EP Download

WeatherStar is giving away their new EP (produced by Greg Dunn of Moving Mountains) on purevolume.

Free Pixies EP

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of

  • Doolittle
  • , a live Pixies EP can be downloaded for free here.

    Lipona post new EP for free download

    Lipona has posted a free download of their new EP titled Pigeonholed. The band released Atlas in 2008. This has me stoked. Atlas was a great album and now they release Pigeonholed for free. This is better than a booty rub with Jessica Alba.

    The band added:

    This album has marked a new direction and we think this might be some of the best work we’ve ever done. It’s faster, more technical and has a more refined sound. Whereas Atlas was an introspective album, Pigeonholed is the opposite – the subject matter revolves around the current political climate and how we’ve all been dealing with the instability going on in the world.

    The band is planning a physical vinyl release of the album in May with a bonus track. Download the EP here.