Fosterpalooza ‘09

by C. D. Harvill

Having just finished the Mississippi Coast Coliseum’s brand new convention center a group of local bands decided it was perfect timing to break it in and blow the roof off. Fosterpalooza ‘09 was headlined by: 12 Stones (based out of Mandeville, LA and signed to Wind Up Records) and Egypt Central (based out of Memphis, TN and signed to Fat Lady Music). Warming up the stage and audience, excellently so, were: Falls From Grace, Touching the Absolute, Jane Doe’s Dead and added last minute to the lineup Wake the Light.

From start to finish the show was full of energy. As it should be the show’s energy seemed to flow and build as the night continued. Despite the convention center not being acoustically friendly to music the audience didn’t mind. By the time 12 Stones had step foot on stage the crowd was potently spirited with each bands musical performance as well as stage antics. After seeing revved up performances from local favorites such as Falls From Grace’s Tony Burn’s signature entrance wearing a gas mask and, paired with amateur pyrotechnics and Jane Doe’s Dead’s ability to produce rowdy dedicated fans; how could the audience not be salivating for more?

Egypt Central had the crowd and WCPR’s Special K singing along with the successful “You Make Me Sick”. Front man John T. Falls entertained the venue not only with his vocals and visual performance, but also with his sense of humor. Their performance only left the audience wet for more.

Paul McCoy, being the front man that he is, couldn’t help but deliver the icing on the cake during 12 Stones’ set. From their entrance and throughout the rest of their performance 12 Stones delivered an energetic and musically pleasing show.

CPRfest 13 Lineup announced


CPRfest 13 hosted by 97.9 WCPR will take place June 26th at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. The bands playing this show are:

Jane Doe’s Dead
7 Day Binge
(Hed) PE
Drowning Pool
3 Doors Down

What do you think of this line up?

Jane Doe’s Dead: Dead Ringer For Big Stage Search

by C. D. Harvill

With nearly 7,000 people, the 17th Annual Crawfish Festival set a new attendance record Thursday night, surpassing the previous record that had been set the prior Thursday. There was an odd lineup for the Budweiser Big Stage Search competition with Uncrowned opening the show. Uncrowned put on a seemingly great performance, as expected. However, they lacked the enthusiasm displayed by the other three bands.

Following Uncrowned was Jane Doe’s Dead. Since their first performance in the Big Stage Search competition, the newly-together band had already improved. Front man Josh Gillie was definitely more fluid with his movements while working the crowd. The band as a whole was on top with full-on energy.

Despite looking like completely random, average people off the street, Left Broken played a good show. Their hearts were in the performance and the music was enjoyable even with the distraction of lead singer, Dean’s, limp wrist.

Taking the stage somewhat weakly, Soul Driven picked up vigor. Mid-set the band sounded the best of the evening. At that point, in the middle of a fun, crowd-pumping song, lead singer Tim Wall opted for introducing the band members. When they should’ve come back together to finish the song they fell apart. Before the set was over they managed to recompose themselves and put on a worthy performance.

Jane Doe’s Dead was declared, rightfully so, the winner of the competition. They went up against Lookin 4 Juice on WCPR’s Pick it or Flick it and won by more than a few votes. Jane Doe’s Dead will be the opening band of at CPR Fest 13.

Crawfish Festival Squeezes Up Juice

Lookin 4 Juice
Lookin 4 Juice

by C. D. Harvill

This past Thursday the 17th Annual Crawfish Festival had the largest turnout for an opening night, along with an unexpected outcome in the Big Stage Search Competition.

As expected Subtle Shot put on an overall good performance. It was nice to see the guys actually moving around the stage and working the crowd. However, it seemed as if their set was one never-ending song.

Next to take the stage was Aura. Their show was riddled with minor errors. The Biloxi based band pumped their usual energetic performance across the Crawfish Festival. Lead singer and front man Tyler Voss, may not have the best voice, but he is no doubt a front man. Voss took a stab at a cliché scaffolding climb, although the climb was too early and lacked the expected enthusiasm, he still gets props for the rock star move.

Out of the evening’s performances Lookin 4 Juice had the most flawless. They weren’t the most energetic, stylish, or well-known band there, but they put on a show that earned just as many fist in the air as the first two bands. The underdog of this contest pulled out on top.

Lookin 4 Juice will go up against the winner of this weeks competition in a special edition of Pick it or Flick it on 97.9 WCPR. The winner of Pick it or Flick it will be the opening band for CPR Fest 13.

Check out pictures from this night in our photogallery.

For More Information:
Subtle Shot Myspace
Aura Myspace
Lookin 4 Juice Myspace

Jane Doe’s Dead quest for CPR Fest 13

Jane Doe's Dead
Jane Doe's Dead

by C. D. Harvill

This past Thursday night WCPR and Budweiser held the fifth preliminary in the Big Stage Search Competition at Guitars and Cadillacs in D’Iberville. Second in the evening’s lineup was Jane Doe’s Dead. The Biloxi-based band consists of Josh Gillie, lead vocals; Yancey Yeatts, guitar/back up vocals; Chris Noble, bass/back up vocals; and Kevin Gordan, drums.

From Yeatts’ facial expressions to Noble’s head banging, the band generated an energy that was felt throughout the audience. While being front man did not seem to be a natural extension for Gillie, he put his all into the performance. In a refreshing change of pace for the local music scene–Gillie actually sang. Not only did he sing, he did a commendable job of it. Overuse of vibrato is his trademark technique, but he atually enunciated the words. Did I say refreshing change of pace? The harmonies provided by Yeatts and Noble were a nice accent to the overall mood, giving the songs a more complete sound. Gordan, who is the he newest addition to the band, proved himself to be a tasteful and steady drummer.

Although the eighties metal-sounding band hasn’t been together long, their experience as musicians shows in their solid, tight, live performance. Overall, the band had a refreshing style and put on a good show.

Their performance landed them in a tie with Left Broken, and a spot on stage at the 17th Annual Coast Coliseum Crawfish Festival, April where they will be vying for the coveted role of opening band at CPR Fest 13.

For More Information:
Jane Doe’s Dead via MySpace
Official Website

Vote for your favorite band in the 97.9 CPR Rocks 2009 Big Stage Search 6

97.9 CPR Rocks
97.9 CPR Rocks

The band choices have been submitted. Its time for you to head over to the 97.9 CPR website and cast your vote for who plays the prelimaries. On March 1st, the top 18 bands will be released and the order of the competition will be as follows:

● MAR 4 Preliminary 1 (Nates Sports Bar and Grill)
● MAR 12: Preliminary 2 (Guitars and Cadillacs)
● MAR 20: Preliminary 3 (Thunder’s Tavern)
● MAR 28: Preliminary 4 (Nates Sports Bar and Grill)
● APR 2: Preliminary 5 (Guitars and Cadillacs)
● APR 10: Preliminary 6 (Thunder’s Tavern)

● APR 16: Winners from Preliminary 1-3 at Crawfish Festival
● APR 23: Winners from Preliminary 4-6 at Crawfish Festival
● MAY 1: Crawfish Festival Winners on Hour Long Pick It or Flick It

So go exercise your right to vote. Vote once a day for your favorite band.

97.9 CPR Rocks 2009 Big Stage Search 6

The Budweiser, WCPR Big Stage Search 6 submissions have begun. If you think that your band has what it takes to open up CPR Fest 13 then click here for the submission page. The top 6 bands will get to play this year at the Coast Coliseum’s Crawfish Festival. The winner will move on to open CPR Fest with the runner up playing the after party.

So if your band totally kicks some major ass, head to 97.9 CPR Rocks website and submit for a chance to win. Tell them the jackass at GCB sent ya.